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Dental Hygiene Tips For Those Over 50

As we age, it becomes more challenging to maintain good dental hygiene – but it remains as crucial as ever. Here are 5 oral hygiene tips for those 50 and over.

How Gum Health Impacts Tooth Health

Correct gum disease early with laser periodontal treatment before it has a chance to fester and cause other problems like, ultimately, tooth loss.

Say Goodbye To Removable Dentures

Removable dentures are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With Teeth In One Day, you can get permanent, implant-supported dentures fast!

Top 5 Benefits Of PST grafts

PST grafts are the most up to date way to correct serious gum recession. Here are the top 5 reasons why so many dental patients are choosing them!

When Do You Need Dental Bone Grafts?

In dentistry, bone grafts may sometimes be needed to repair absorbed bone tissue and to prepare your mouth for dental implants – here’s how it works.