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Is the time and frustration of braces keeping you from taking necessary step to straighten your teeth? We’ve got good news for you. Accelerated Ortho is a emerging type of orthodontic treatment that shortens time in braces by months.

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You are a busy person, we all are! And the idea of spending months or years visiting the orthodontist for braces probably doesn’t fit into your schedule. Accelerated Ortho is a similar treatment to traditional braces but takes much less time. It’s the perfect tool to give you the results you desire with less time in a dental chair and less time experiencing the discomfort of orthodontia.
There are a lot of similarities between the treatments. The biggest difference is pace. And the reason the process is faster than traditional braces is the goal is strictly aesthetic and does not focus on improvements to bite and alignment. Accelerated Ortho treatments expedite teeth straightening time and reduce the number of appointments you need so you can spend less time worrying about your teeth and more time feeling confident about your smile.
Accelerated Ortho treatments are very safe and as effective as traditional braces. Remember that your teeth aren’t actually moving more quickly than they would with another braces treatment, but you’re pursuing different goals. Research shows that prolonged orthodontic movement can cause root damage. By shortening the length of treatment you’re more likely to avoid damage.
Any of our cosmetic procedures can be started whenever you are ready to make the commitment. Whether you’re preparing for a special day or just want to feel proud of the smile you see in the mirror, Accelerated Ortho is an excellent option. Contact our office to schedule an evaluation.

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