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Say Goodbye To Removable Dentures

In recent decades, dentistry has made huge advancements in regards to tooth replacement and restoration. In the past, removable dentures were almost the only option when it came to replacing all or most of your teeth in one/both jaws.
But today, permanent, implant-supported dentures offer an impressively improved alternative! And with Teeth In One Day services, you can get a whole new mouth of teeth in an incredibly short span of time.

The Benefits Of Permanent Dentures Over Removable Ones
Anyone who has had removable dentures for any length of time can tell you about their shortcomings and challenges. The amazing fact is that almost every problem you can think of related to removable dentures is eliminated when you opt for permanent dentures.

Here are the major differences that make permanent, implant-based dentures superior:

  • Greater stability. Because the denture is firmly supported by implant rods that are fused to your alveolar ridge (on the jawbone), they are as stable as natural teeth. They do not slip, slide, bend down, or move around when you eat and speak.
  • Bone loss prevented. With ordinary dentures, there is nothing in the socket where your tooth used to be. This allows bone resorption to continue unabated, which eventually leads to needing a denture adjustment every two or three years. The pressure on the bone exerted by implants prevents bone loss so that adjustments are rarely needed.
  • Lifestyle benefits. With the old kind of implants, it is difficult to clean your teeth, you have to remove them when you sleep, and you may have to avoid certain kinds of food. It is also difficult to play sports or exercise with removable dentures in – and it’s easy to misplace your teeth! None of these limitations apply to permanent dentures.
  • Better aesthetics. Modern dentures supported by implants not only function like “real” teeth – they look just like them as well. No one is likely to even know you have dentures!
  • Longer lasting. Finally, note that permanent dentures are just that – they last for decades, normally for a lifetime.

Permanent Dentures With Teeth In One Day
Can you really get new teeth in just one day? The simple answer is yes. If you are going to get dentures for both upper and lower jaws, you may want to take two days to put in the implants, however, to go a little easier on your mouth.

You need just four implants per jaw to support a permanent denture. If any extractions need to be done first, that can also be done the same day as the implant placements. Your periodontist will prepare a socket for the titanium implant rod to pass through and prepare the bone to receive and fuse to it. The gum tissue will be closed around the implant, and a dental crown placed atop the rod.

If you have periodontal disease or need bone grafts to build up your bone mass, then you would have to take care of that first before receiving implants. In that case, you couldn’t get same-day implants (but you can still get implants the “regular” way.)

To learn more about how modern implant-supported dentures work or to schedule a consultation to see if Teeth In One Day is right for you, contact Ormond Beach Periodontics And Implant Dentistry today!

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