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Laser Periodontal Treatment

Your receding gums are a sign that dangerous bacteria are present, and in some cases the most effective treatment comes in the form of lasers. Our Laser Periodontal Treatments are cutting edge and completely safe.

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Some people feel a little squirmy at the idea of laser treatments, but we assure you it’s very safe and highly-effective. We use a laser called Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure or LANAP. It is fast and efficient, heals more quickly, and is much cleaner than traditional gum surgery. As the laser removes damaged tissue it also promotes the regeneration of healthy gums.
Initially, your mouth will be sensitive and sore after your Laser Periodontal Treatment. We advise patients to eat soft foods while you allow your mouth time to heal. After the procedure it can take several weeks for your gums to completely heal and grow back. Compared to traditional gum surgery, patients appreciate the much quicker recovery time of laser treatment.
Yes, it is very safe! The LANAP laser is able to distinguish between healthy and diseased tissue and therefore leave the healthy tissue intact during the procedure. This leads to less tissue damage and easier recovery. Plus the laser cuts and cauterizes the tissue simultaneously leading to less bleeding and less opportunity for bacteria to be introduced to the blood stream.
We cannot stress enough the importance of gum health, and our Laser Periodontal Treatment is an essential tool we use to help patients restore their gum health before its too late. If you suspect you have gum disease we strongly encourage you to make an appointment with Dr. Beauchamp so he can properly evaluate you and recommend a course of treatment.

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