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Sinus Lift

If you want dental implants to restore your beautiful smile, you need strong healthy jaw bones. The Sinus Lift procedure augments your jaw bones and raises your sinuses back up where they belong.

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Often, when patients lose teeth in their upper jaw, the jaw bone begins to deteriorate. As the bone regresses, the sinus cavity opens up and fills in the space where bone once lived. Significant bone deterioration leaves nothing for Dr. Beauchamp to attach new implants to. The first step in the dental implant process for many patients is to establish a strong new foundation to which implants can be secured.
Sinus Lift recovery is different for every patient. As with any surgical procedure, most patients experience discomfort the days after. Within the first week, most pain should subside, if it doesn’t, feel free to call our office. It takes time for the bone graft to integrate with your existing bone, so a complete recovery can take several months.
Without a Sinus Lift, many patients would be left without the option for dental implants. If you want to replace your teeth, are lacking the bone to do so, and don’t want to go the denture route, a Sinus Lift is a critical piece of the puzzle of your dental health. When we build a strong foundation in your mouth, we can be more confident in the success of your implant procedure.
The Sinus Lift is a procedure that we use in conjunction with other dental procedures. When you meet with Dr. Beauchamp he’ll help you determine whether or not a Sinus Lift is necessary for your individual case. If you’re ready to start working toward your best smile, contact our office and we’ll set you up with your first appointment.

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