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Implant Treatment

Are your missing teeth keeping you from feeling confident and smiling big? Implant treatment is the most effective and longest lasting teeth replacement procedure. We’ll restore your smile with the look and feel of natural teeth.

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During the Implant Treatment, patients are sedated so you won’t feel a thing. After the procedure is complete, you will likely feel some discomfort. Our patients report varying degrees of pain all depending upon their specific case. For some, pain lasts for up to a week after an implant procedure, while others return to their normal routine in a few days. Dr. Beauchamp will advise you on how to recover safely.
The lifespan of dental implants can vary between patients depending upon the wear and tear they experience. On average, implants can last one or two decades which is significantly longer than older technologies. Depending upon your age at the time of your procedure, your implants could easily last the rest of your lifetime. For the best results it’s essential to maintain good dental hygiene after your procedure.
Dr. Beauchamp will give you instructions for how to care for your new teeth and recover from your surgery. Generally, patients are asked to relax for a few days after the procedure, avoid smoking, and maintain very good dental hygiene. Fortunately, the mouth heals quickly so you should be able to recover more quickly than you might from another type of surgery.
We want you to have the most accurate information about your dental health. In order to refer you to the correct care plan we first need to learn more about the state of your oral health. When you contact our office, a member of our team will help you schedule an appointment where Dr. Beauchamp will evaluate your condition and recommend the best way to proceed.

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