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Top 5 Benefits Of PST grafts

Gum recession can be both embarrassing and dangerous to your oral health. But correcting it may bring back your childhood fears of the dental chair – or not. The fact is that you can correct a receding gum line with a non-invasive surgical technique called “PST grafts.”
PST stands for “pinhole surgical technique,” and they really aren’t “grafts” at all but an alternative to soft tissue grafting and other gum-line restoration methods.

Here are the top 5 benefits that are driving PST grafts’ strong and growing popularity:

1. A Scalpel-free Procedure
The non-invasive status of PST grafts rests largely on the fact that no scalpels and no cutting is involved in the procedure, aside from the tiny pinhole incisions that are made as entry points for a handheld tool that is used to detach and stretch the gums from beneath.

There is no need to cut away tissue or attach gum graft tissue with the posthole technique. So long as you have sufficient gum tissue remaining, it can be brought back into its proper position via PST grafts.

2. Quicker And More Convenient
The amount of time and number of dental visits necessary to complete a procedure are a big factor for many. PST has the edge here too.

It is all done in a single dental visit, and you can see your “new gums” in the mirror before you even leave the office. While there will be a follow-up visit in a couple of weeks, this is one dental procedure that takes very little time out of your busy schedule.

3. Minimal Pain & Discomfort
PST surgery is extremely low-pain, and with a local anesthetic and/or oral sedation, most patients say they barely felt a thing.

You will experience little to no bleeding, swelling,

4. Extra Rapid Recovery
Not only is there no scalpel with PST grafting – there are no sutures either, which means you don’t have to wait for weeks on end to get your new smile – you get it right away!

Recovery is very fast with PST grafts. Within 24 hours, you can be back to work as usual. And there is no need for bed rest periods or for long periods on painkiller drugs. Nor do you have to go weeks on end on a soft diet – you can quickly get back to eating and drinking what you love.

Also, since PST does not take tissue from your palate or other parts of your body to augment the gums, you don’t have to wait for your palate to recover either.

5. Can Cost Less Than Gum Grafts
Ordinary gum graft surgery often costs more, all told, than does PST grafts. Thus, you can have less pain, quicker results, faster recovery, and still spend less. With all those advantages in one package, it’s no wonder that the pinhole surgical technique has so many satisfied patients to vouch for it.

If you or a loved one suffer from gum recession currently, and you are interested to learn more about PST grafts, feel free to contact Ormond Beach Periodontics today for a free initial consultation with an experienced periodontist!

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