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How Gum Health Impacts Tooth Health

Taking good care of your gums is a huge part of protecting your overall oral health – but for more reasons than you might realize. Periodontal disease has multiple negative impacts, which extend far beyond just the immediate deterioration of the gums themselves.
Read on to learn about how poor gum health can lead to poor tooth health and other problems too – and to learn about how laser periodontal treatment can correct gum problems fast!

As Go The Gums, So Goes The Mouth!
The gums are a prime indicator of both your oral health and your overall body health. If gum tissue gets infected, the infection can spread. If gum lines recede, that exposes tooth roots, and the increased exposed surface area of the tooth gives plaque, tartar, and bacteria an opening to go to work and do their worst.

Cavities, destroyed pulp that calls for a root canal, loose teeth, teeth actually falling out, tooth drift and consequent misalignment, and the need for an extraction (and replacement with a dental implant), can all result due to gum disease.

Additionally, the bone matter below your gum line may also be ill affected by poor gum health. If your gums bleed easily while flossing, for example, that’s a sign you may be suffering from bone loss on your alveolar ridge, which is the part of your jawbone that your teeth are embedded into.

Note that the different stages of gum disease affect your oral health differently. As gum disease progresses from mild gingivitis to advanced periodontitis, symptoms continue to get more and more severe. Gum soreness, bleeding of the gums, gum recession and loss, damaged teeth, lost bone mass, and deep periodontal pockets are all dangers of poor gum health.

Laser Periodontal Treatment To The Rescue!
There are several major methods of periodontal treatment that can reverse and correct gum disease at any stage of its development. But laser periodontal treatment is by far the most advanced.

With laser gum surgery, a precision-level, pulsating and highly versatile handheld laser tool is put in the hands of an experienced periodontist. The laser cuts or vaporizes away the infected gum tissue while avoiding the loss of healthy tissue immediately adjacent to it.

The laser also destroys harmful mouth bacteria, cauterizes the gums so they won’t bleed, and is capable of eliminating periodontal bacterial pockets below your gum line.

Laser gum therapy is the least painful way to treat gum disease. In fact, most patients say they didn’t feel a thing and didn’t need any anesthetic or even oral sedation. Plus, people are generally back up and into their regular routine within 24 hours, and the recovery process is much quicker and less complicated. If you want a fast and effective treatment with little to no downtime off work – then laser periodontal treatment is your top choice.

Preventing gum disease is the best policy – and by doing so, you protect your teeth and overall oral health at the same time. But if and when you do develop gum problems, laser periodontal treatment can restore your gum and oral health in as quick and painless a fashion as possible.

To learn more about how laser periodontal treatment works and if it is right for you, contact Dr. Stuart Beauchamp at Ormond Beach Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today for a free initial consultation!

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