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Bone Graft

In order to give you the strong beautiful smile that you want, we have build it on a solid foundation. If the bones in your mouth are weak or deteriorating we can strengthen or replace them using bone grafts.

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After Dr. Beauchamp completes a bone graft procedure he leaves the patient to heal for several months. It takes a while for the new bone to adhere to the existing structure creating a strong base for new teeth to be attached. While your physical recovery from the bone grafting procedure will happen much more quickly, it’s important to give your body time to adapt to the grafted bone.
The short answer is, “It depends.” Often after a tooth extraction the jaw bone loses density as it is no longer strengthened by contact with the tooth. When the jaw bone is no longer in use, it quits regenerating bone cells and begins to decline. Osteoporosis can occur in a matter of weeks. We urge our patients to get a bone graft after their extraction to ensure the jaw bone remains healthy and able to hold a new tooth.
Immediately after your bone graft you’ll be asked to eat soft foods like yogurt, pudding, soups, and smoothies. Within days of the procedure you’ll be able to introduce solid foods and continue progressively returning to your normal diet as you are comfortable to do so. Every patient will experience their bone graft differently. Please communicate your symptoms to our team if your discomfort makes eating difficult.
Bone grafts are a procedure we perform in the context of another one of our procedures like extractions and dental implants. If you are in need of periodontic care, call our office today. Dr. Beauchamp will review your case and recommend a care plan that will work best for your situation.

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