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Crown Lengthening

One element that determines that attractiveness of a smile is the smiler’s confidence. If your gummy smile is keeping you from feeling great, we can help. Crown Lengthening will allow your teeth to shine next time you smile.

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If you have gums that are too large, they may be making your teeth look smaller than they actually are. During our Crown Lengthening procedure, Dr. Beauchamp will cut back your gums so your beautiful teeth look longer and your smile looks brighter.

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Like many of our treatments, Crown Lengthening patients will have the benefit of anesthesia to ensure the actual procedure is painless. During the recovery period you will likely experience some discomfort, though dental surgeries are general quick to heal. Most patients are able to treat their recovery pain with over-the-counter pain relief medication.
If you are having Crown Lengthening for cosmetic reasons, there is never a time the procedure is technically necessary. Your choice to have it done is based solely on your preference and what will make you feel the best. That said, some people have excess gum tissue removed to prevent plaque from building up under the gums. Dr. Beauchamp can advise you on whether you’re a candidate for this procedure.
Because gum tissue can regenerate, we can’t just remove your gums and hope they don’t grow back. Instead, a small amount of bone is also removed during the procedure so the shorter gumline has a new place to settle. If bone is not removed during the Crown Lengthening procedure your gums could likely grow back within a couple of months.
If you’re interested in Crown Lengthening for cosmetic purposes, we can help you whenever you’re ready. We want our patients to feel as confident about their smiles as they can. Call our office to set up an appointment for Dr. Beauchamp to evaluate your teeth and gums and provide some guidance on your desired procedure.

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