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Gum Recession

You may not realize it, but your gums are some of the most important types of tissue in your body. Healthy gums determine dental health, and dental health is a significant factor in your overall well-being.

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There are a number of different factors than can contribute to gum recession. Poor dental hygiene and over-brushing are both on the list. Gum recession is dangerous because as the gum pulls back it exposes the root of the tooth making it easier for bacteria to make its way in and potentially infect the tooth and bone. Dr. Beauchamp can help you better understand the cause of your gum recession.
One of the first symptoms that alert people of their receding gums is pain. Pain on the gumline, sensitivity to hot and cold, and sensitivity when brushing or flossing. Other symptoms are swollen, bleeding, visibly shrinking gums, or the appearance of teeth getting longer. Severe cases of gum recession can result in loose teeth.
Bleeding gums are almost always the result of gum disease. When plaque builds up around the gum line and isn’t removed by regular brushing and flossing it begins to irritate the gums and cause irritation and bleeding. In other cases, bleeding may be an indication of hormone changes, vitamin deficiencies, grinding teeth, or other issues.
If you suspect your gums are receding you should contact us immediately to make an appointment. Early stage periodontal disease can be treated non-surgically if it is caught in time. While you wait for your appointment, you should also commit to a regular routine of brushing and flossing to protect yourself from further gum loss.

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