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When Is It Time For PST Grafts?

One of the more recent innovations in modern dentistry is called the pinhole surgical technique – or PST grafts. This is one of the most modern ways of dealing with periodontal disease, though not the only modern method.
Before deciding on a periodontal treatment, it is important that you first understand all of the available options. Here are the basics on what PST grafts do and who should get them.

Understanding The Pinhole Surgical Technique
Here are the basics on how PST grafts work. They are essentially the opposite of crown lengthening, which corrects a “gummy smile” by reducing your gum line. The PST procedure raises your gums back to their normal, original position after gum line recession has taken its toll (due to periodontal disease.)

The procedure involves making tiny pinhole-sized incisions above the teeth through the gums and then using a small, handheld dental tool to work the gums loose from the tooth roots. The periodontal tissue is then gently stretched and raised to its proper position. Collagen strips are inserted under the gums to help them heal faster and keep your gums in their post-op position.

All of this is done scalpel-free, with minimal pain and discomfort, and (usually) in a single periodontal visit. Recovery is also much quicker than with soft tissue grafts and most other periodontal treatment methods. Only laser periodontal surgery has a quicker recovery time – but that addresses the removal of infected tissue rather than repositioning the gum line. So it is possible to have both laser and PST surgery – and both techniques are considered “non-invasive.”

There are also no dental sutures (stitches) needed with PST grafting, and you walk out of the dental chair with a smile that already looks great, even if it takes some weeks before your gums are fully healed an no longer hyper-sensitive.

When Are PST Grafts The Best Choice?
The pinhole surgical technique is the brainchild of Dr. John Chao and is now offered by numerous local periodontists around the country. Gum recession is the number one problem they correct.

However, if your gums are not only receded but also infected, you will need to deal with that first. Laser periodontal treatment, or another type of periodontal treatment may be necessary. Obviously, if you are already undergoing root planing and scaling, soft tissue grafts, or another treatment that involves scalpels and sutures, then PST grafts would not make sense.

But when all you are dealing with is essentially a gum line that has shrunk back over the years or if laser treatment has already eliminated relatively minor periodontal disease, then the PST procedure can restore your original gum line.

If you value a one-day corrective that saves time and money and/or insist on as low a pain threshold as possible – plus rapid healing time post-op, then PST grafts may be for you.

To learn more about PST grafts, talk to the experts at Ormond Beach Periodontics in Central Florida. We can give you a free initial consultation and help you make an informed decision on how to restore your magnificent smile!

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