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What Could Be Causing Your Chronic Bad Breath?

Chronic bad breath, commonly referred to as halitosis, afflicts nearly one out of every four people. Some might suppose that there is nothing you can do about lingering bad breath — but this is not at all the case. In rare instances, medical conditions like GERD or metabolic disorders can cause bad breath, but it’s usually a matter of poor dental hygiene.
If you are looking to pinpoint the source of a chronic bad breath problem, here are the most likely causes:

1. Dietary Choices
Certain foods leave strong, lingering odors behind in your mouth. Sugary foods that encourage bacterial growth, alcohol, coffee, garlic, and onions, are clear examples. But a less known fact is that crash diets can also give you bad breath by increasing ketone levels after breaking down fats. By contrast, yogurt, crunchy foods like apples and carrots, black tea, and sugarless gum can actually improve your breath.

2. Poor Dental Hygiene
Regardless of which foods you consume, small particles of food will attach themselves to your teeth, between teeth, and along your gum lines. Unless you brush and floss regularly, these particles will fester in your mouth and produce unpleasant odors. Bacteria that feed on these “leftovers” also emit foul smelling chemicals. If you have dentures, braces, or other dental appliances, be especially vigilant in removing all food particles and plaque that may hide in hard to reach crevices.

3. Oral Infections, Cavities, and Gum Disease
At the risk of being repetitive, we mention that once you have a cavity or a gum infection, the bacteria affecting your oral health will also be a source of bad breath. Be sure to see your dentist or periodontist as soon as you notice a problem. Infections in your mouth, on your tonsils, or in your throat or nose can cause bad breath. Mouth sores or any medical problem in your oral cavity can contribute.

4. Dehydration
Dry mouth (xerostomia), frequently caused by drinking too little water, is another common cause of bad breath. Some medications can also impact your body’s ability to create saliva. When your body lacks water, it produces less saliva; and it is saliva that works naturally to decompose, dislodge, and eliminate food particles in your mouth.

5. Tobacco Products
Whether you use cigarettes or chewing tobacco, either will worsen your breath and increase your risk of gum disease, which is itself a source of bad breath. With lung cancer, gingivitis, and offensive odors all potential “side effects,” smoking tobacco simply isn’t worth it.

If you have chronically bad breath, you can use this list to help find its source and correct it. Drinking more water and improving oral hygiene are frequently the main keys. For further help in combating bad breath, see your local periodontist and make sure you get your teeth cleaned twice annually. In Ormond Beach, Florida, contact Dr. Raymond Kenzik for further assistance in keeping your breath fresh and maintaining your oral health.

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