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Is Your Bad Breath a Sign of a More Serious Problem?

Bad breath is embarrassing, but can also be a sign of a larger problem. There are many reasons why you may be experiencing bad breath, and just as many possible ways to get rid of it. From small problems that are easily solved, to more serious health issues, here are some reasons why you might have bad breath.
Food & Water
The most common cause of bad breath is also the easiest to fix. Obviously pungent foods (garlic, etc.) will cause your breath to smell, but any food you eat can be guilty of this as well. If you have poor oral hygiene habits, the food that you eat will linger in your mouth, decompose, and cause your breath to stink. This is why it’s important to brush and floss regularly.

Dry mouth is another main cause of bad breath, for the same reason as above. The saliva in your mouth helps keep things balanced and remove food particles from your mouth. It’s important to drink enough water so that your entire body stays hydrated and so that your mouth produces enough saliva. Certain medications can cause dry mouth regardless of how much water you drink, so it can be helpful to chew sugarless gum to stimulate saliva flow. Don’t forget to brush your tongue which can harbor sulfur producing organisms, another cause of bad breath.

Dental Ailments
There are many oral health issues which can cause bad breath. Poorly fitting dental fixtures can be difficult to clean around or can create spaces for food particles to linger. They can also irritate your mouth and, if the fit is very poor, even cause infections.

Cavities and gum disease are two other causes of bad breath. Both of these issues involve bacteria that eat away at teeth and gums. The bacteria that cause plaque buildup, gum disease, and cavities release chemicals that have a strong odor. Coupled with the fact that these things can typically cause irritation, infection, and decay, it’s no wonder that they can be a huge source of bad breath.

The first step to eliminating your bad breath is to drink lots of water and reevaluate your oral health routine. If, after improving the way you care for your teeth, you don’t notice a difference in your breath it may be necessary to consult a dentist or periodontist. In many cases a of persistent, refractory bad breath, sometimes called halitosis, a periodontist will be your best bet as they are specially trained in issues surrounding the gums, which are the main source of oral health issues that cause bad breath.

If you’re concerned that gum disease or related issues are the cause of your bad breath, contact Dr. Kenzik’s Periodontal office in Ormond Beach, FL to schedule a consultation.

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