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Correct Gum Recession Suture Free

When your gum line begins to pull back, exposing underlying teeth to plaque, bacteria, and increased risk of decay, you need to act sooner rather than later to move it back into proper position.
PST grafts are the most modern, effective, and minimally invasive technique used by periodontists to correct gum recession. One of the biggest advantages it offers is that no sutures are needed to hold your gums in place during the healing process.

How Do Dental Sutures Work?
Now, dental sutures (stitches) have a place in modern dentistry. But if and when they can be safely avoided, they should be. Periodontists are skilled in placing sutures to hold soft tissue in place until it has sufficiently healed to no longer need any sutures.

Some dental sutures will dissolve on their own (called “resorbable”) and don’t need to be taken out. Others are nonresorbable and require a follow up visit to have them removed. Resorbable sutures usually dissolve within a couple weeks or more following the surgery.

PST Grafts Are Suture-free!
There are many attractive features about PST grafts as a gum-recession solution, including single-visit completion, far less pain, bleeding, or swelling, and faster recovery time. But lack of dental sutures in the procedure is also a major plus.

The benefits of avoiding sutures include:

  • Avoiding the time and the potential pain it could take to put them in and, with non-resorbable stitches, take them back out again.
  • Not having a “Frankenstein” smile for 2 to 4 weeks after the operation.
  • Your gums will actually heal faster without stitches with the PST technique.
  • You don’t have to pay for the sutures either.

How Can Gums Stay Put Without Sutures?
You may wonder how gums can reattach to tooth roots after they have been detached in order to move your gum line back up into proper position. Sutures aren’t always needed to accomplish reattachment – not with PST grafts anyway.

Your gums naturally attach to the “neck” of tooth roots by means of special fiber bundles and membranes. Gum tissue will form these features on its own when kept on top of the tooth surface long enough to be given a chance.

With PST grafts, collagen strips are used instead of stitches to hold gums in place. Collagen is the material that your gum tissue is largely made up of, and the strips can quickly assimilate to become part of your gums. Plus, collagen strips help stimulate faster natural gum regeneration, which includes regeneration of attachment fibers and tissues.

Amazingly, these collagen strips are inserted through the pinhole-sized incisions made for the PST graft procedure. Their small size and the periodontist’s skills and tools make this possible. In some extreme cases, where a portion of your gums are badly damaged, dental sutures may be resorted to. But otherwise, PST grafts make such sutures unnecessary.

Do you suffer from noticeable gum line recession and want to get it corrected in the least invasive way possible? Dr. Stuart Beauchamp has been performing suture-free PST grafts for years. Contact Ormond Beach Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today to learn more!

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