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Teeth In A Day: Can You Really Do That?

Anyone who’s ever lost a tooth and gotten a dental implant to replace it knows two things very well: dental implants are the best possible tooth replacement available AND dental implants can take months to install, crown, fuse, and fully heal.
The Teeth Express(r) procedure offered by periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik changes that equation. The high quality and durability of implants remains the same, but now you can get your new teeth faster – in a single day!

Immediate Dental Implants With Teeth Express
Normally, though not always, Teeth Express dental implants, called “immediate implants,” are placed “immediately” after a tooth extraction that is done on the same dental visit.

It’s possible to get implants same-day for a tooth already missing, or for an implant to be placed within 2 weeks of an extraction and still be considered immediate (as opposed to waiting months). But extraction plus implant same-day is the usual formula.

You can get multiple dental implants placed in a single day, it taking only an hour or two per tooth at most. And you can even get implants “immediately loaded” with crowns, bridges, or dentures.

As it usually takes a few months after an extraction to put in implants and then several more months before you can lose the temporary crown and have the permanent crown put on, Teeth in a Day is truly a revolutionary procedure.

How Does Teeth In A Day Work?
The first step before you can get teeth in a day is to meet with Dr. Kenzik at his office in Ormond Beach, Florida, to review your dental and medical history, take 3D X-rays of your teeth and surrounding jawbone, map out the exact procedure that will be followed on “implant day,” and then schedule your appointment.

When you arrive for your implant surgery, a local anesthetic will be administered in the area where the implant and/or extraction will be performed. You may also opt for oral dental sedation (nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”) if you tend to get nervous in the dental chair – but his isn’t absolute necessary.

After the tooth extraction, if there is one, the gums will be cut back under the missing tooth to make way for the titanium implant root. Some implant roots sit on top of the bone, while others are placed into a socket drill into the bone – but both types fuse firmly and allow fully functional use!

The gum tissue will be wrapped back around the implant root, and either a permanent or temporary crown (or denture or bridge) will be placed on top.

A permanent crown can be made same-day using CEREC technology or the dental lab will fabricate the crown ahead of time based on information from impressions taken earlier during your initial interview.

Post-operative Care After Teeth In A Day
Although your teeth will partially function immediately after the Teeth in a Day procedure, you will still need to avoid biting down hard on the new implant(s) for several months.

Your periodontist may recommend you to stay on a soft diet for a time and take a pain reliever if there’s any post-operative pain.

You’ll also likely need to come in for one or more follow up exams starting about 2 weeks after the surgery.

To learn more about Teeth in a Day and dental implants in general, contact periodontist Dr. Raymond Kenzik in Ormond Beach, FL, today!

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