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How Dental Implants Mimic Natural Teeth

Modern day dental implants solve the many problems created by tooth loss and look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. To a far greater extent than other tooth replacement options, like bridges and traditional dentures, dental implants truly mimic natural teeth to the point you may soon forget you even have implants.
Here are some of the most important ways in which dental implants fill the role of your original teeth:

1. Firmly Rooted
Because titanium dental implant roots firmly fuse to your jawbone, they are as stable and fully functional as are natural teeth. Whether endosteal implants, which are placed in a socket inside your bone tissue, or subperiosteal implants, which rest on and fuse to the surface of your alveolar ridge, are used, the result is the same – a firm foundation for your dental crown or implant-based dentures.

For a normal bite, no shifting or moving while talking or eating, and a completely natural “feel” in your mouth, you really can’t do better than dental implants. And the titanium and other materials used in the implant roots are safe and compatible with the human body.

2. Easily Maintained
Dental implants have a 99% success rate, and they are highly durable, often lasting a lifetime. And they generally require no more maintenance than do natural teeth.

Just brush, floss, use an antiseptic mouthwash, and visit your periodontist for regularly scheduled exams. Implants eliminate the hassle, discomfort, and expense involved with caring for dentures. You just care for them like a “normal” tooth.

Plus, you don’t have to avoid consuming your favorite foods and drinks with dental implants, and it’s much easier to floss and brush them than with dentures or bridges. In fact, dental implants will help you improve your overall oral health.

3. A Beautiful Smile
The technology and materials that now go into manufacturing artificial teeth can closely match the exact colors and contours of your original teeth.

Porcelain, ceramic, and high-tech acrylics (with dentures) are often used today. The dental crown your implant roots are capped with will literally blend in seamlessly with the natural teeth in your mouth.

Your periodontist will use X-rays and advanced dental software to map and mimic your original tooth with great precision. The end result is a beautifully restored smile that you can be proud of!

There are many good reasons to choose implants over the other tooth restoration options available today. But the bottom line is simple. Up to date implants capped with appropriate crowns or anchoring permanent dentures, more faithfully reproduce the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth you’ve lost.

To learn more about the benefits of modern dental implants, or to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, FL, today!

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