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New Teeth In One Day – Yes, It Is Really Possible

There are numerous advantages of dental implants over other tooth restoration methods like removable dentures and bridges, but did you know that you can get same-day dental implants? Really? New teeth in one day? As amazing as that may seem; yes, it is really possible. And experienced periodontists perform same-day implant installation procedures on a routine basis.
How Can Teeth In One Day Even Be Possible?
Using specialized tools and techniques, up to date periodontists can extract unsavable teeth (if necessary) and then install a titanium dental implant rod in a matter of minutes. In fact, you can get multiple implant roots installed in your mouth in only two or three hours in a single dental sitting.

The implant rods can be installed at a slight angle relative to the bone to increase surface area contact and, thus, increase the firmness of the bone-implant connection. The implant rod is then surrounded by periodontal tissue and a dental crown is placed atop the rod.

Since there are seldom more than four implants put into one jaw (upper or lower), this limits how long the procedure could take. Four implants can support a permanent denture, while individual missing teeth can be filled by a single implant. Two implants can also support three or more dental crowns via implant-supported dental bridges.

What Are The Benefits & Limitations Of Same-day Implants?
The most obvious benefit of teeth in one day is that you only have to see your periodontist one time to get your new implants put in. Sometimes, you might do one jaw per day if you are getting implant-supported dentures on both jaws – but even then, it is possible to do it all in one day.

Later on, you will need to come to a follow-up appointment – probably 2 or 3 weeks after the procedure. But you save a lot of time and miss fewer days at work with same-day implants. It is certainly more convenient than traditional implant surgery.

Another benefit is that you get your new dental crowns or implant-supported dentures right away. You may have to wear temporary crowns in some cases, but the permanent crowns can often also be installed same-day. And you never have to wear partial or full removable dentures while your mouth goes through the healing process.

Note that getting implants put in same-day does not exempt one from the need for the bone to implant integration to take place or for their bone and gum tissue to fully heal. While you can begin to use your implants right away, you have to be gentle with them and follow a soft diet at first – and complete healing can take several months.

Additionally, you have to have thick enough bone mass where each implant will be placed and essentially healthy gums to safely undergo same-day implants. Otherwise, you would need bone grafting and/or periodontal treatment first.

Teeth in one day have around a 98% success rate nationwide, which is almost the same as the 99% success rate for traditional implant surgery.

To find out more about how you can get new teeth in one day, or if same-day implants are right for you, feel free to contact Ormond Beach Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, in Central Florida, today!

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