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Periodontal Care: How the Right Treatment Can Improve Your Smile and More

We usually don’t stop and think about how much we depend on our bite and smile for simple everyday functions. Our ability to speak, laugh, smile, talk, and socialize with others are important everyday activities, and our ability to do these actions is highly dependent on our oral health.

When you’re suffering from tooth loss, gum disease, or other oral conditions, the consequences can not only be painful, they can be detrimental to your overall well-being. They can impact your ability to eat, speak, and feel confident when communicating with others.

This is why it’s essential to seek periodontal treatment as soon as possible. Waiting too long to take care of oral issues only makes them worse. Whether it’s dental implants, laser periodontal treatment, or periodontal procedure — periodontal care can go a long way towards restoring your smile and more. Here are some of the top benefits of good oral health:

  • Greater Confidence
    Treating oral conditions through periodontal care can help to restore your smile, and as a result, significantly boost your confidence.  Poor oral hygiene, gum disease, and missing teeth can all negatively impact your self-image. They can cause you to take steps to hide your teeth, such as not smiling, limiting eye contact, or talking toward the ground. These actions can be detrimental to your social and professional life. Periodontal care can resolve your oral health problems, which can boost your confidence and overall happiness.
  • Greater Mobility
    With periodontal care, you can replace missing teeth or eliminate the inflammation caused by gum disease, both of which can result in better mobility and improved oral function. You’ll find it significantly easier to smile and laugh without pain. Your bite will begin to normalize, and you’ll find it much easier to chew. If you’ve been plagued by oral problems, periodontal care helps you to start feeling like your old self again.
  • Improved Overall Health
    Improving the health of your teeth and gums isn’t just good for your bite and smile — it can also benefit your overall health. Studies have shown again and again a strong link between poor oral health and cardiovascular issues, cognitive issues, and more. In most cases, this is because the inflammation caused by oral health can wreak havoc on the rest of your body. Prioritizing oral health and periodontal care is a critical component of taking care of yourself and living a long and healthy life.

What Type Of Periodontal Care Is Available At Ormond Beach Perio?

Periodontics is a type of dentistry that focuses on the gums and jaw. It’s appropriate to seek periodontal care when suffering from tooth loss, gum disease, or jawbone deterioration. At Ormond Beach Perio, we specialize in a wide range of treatment options. Some common procedures that can improve your oral health include:

  • Diagnostic Services – At Ormond Beach Perio, we perform all diagnostic tests in-house, so we can quickly diagnose your issue and come up with a treatment plan on the same day. CT scans, 3D imaging, and digital x-rays are just some of the diagnostic services provided at Ormond Beach Perio.
  • Tooth Replacement Procedures – We’re among Central Florida’s top periodontists for implant dentistry. Dental implants look, feel, and behave like real teeth. In fact, most patients don’t even know they’re there.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If you’re suffering from moderate to severe gum disease and are nervous about traditional surgery, we offer Laser Periodontal Treatment. This innovative procedure is less invasive, less painful, and leads to great results.
  • Bone Grafting – As we age, it’s common for our bones to lose density. When the jawbone starts to deteriorate, it can lead to other oral health issues. At Ormond Beach Perio, we perform bone grafts, which allows us to take bone from other areas of the jaw and use it to strengthen the most vulnerable portions. 

The thought of periodontal care might make you nervous, but remember — periodontists are able to help manage pain associated with any procedure. It’s worth seeking treatment if it means regaining happiness, confidence, and good health.

Oral problems often have a compounding negative effect over time. Instead of suffering, seek out a reputable periodontist for treatment. At Ormond Beach Perio, we can help you restore your smile today, and we’ll do everything in our power to help ensure you remain comfortable throughout the duration of your treatment.

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