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How Laser Periodontal Treatment Can Painlessly Treat Gum Disease

Severe gum disease can be painful, and the last thing a patient wants to endure is more discomfort on the path to recovery. Traditional gum disease treatments can not only be painful, but they can also lead to a lengthy recovery period. As a result, many patients are nervous about seeking treatment or may put off a visit to the periodontist altogether, which can have detrimental consequences. 

Seeking immediate treatment for gum disease is critical for preventing further complications. For those wishing to avoid the pain associated with traditional gum disease treatment, there is another option. At Ormond Beach Periodontics, we’re licensed to perform laser periodontal treatment — a highly effective, less invasive, and less painful method for treating periodontitis.  This innovative procedure has changed the way many periodontists approach gum disease treatment.

Keep reading to learn more about how laser periodontal treatment can painlessly treat your severe gum disease:

How Does Laser Periodontal Treatment Work?

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (or LANAP for short) is a procedure that leverages a high-powered, but very thin pulsed laser to eliminate diseased gum tissue and sterilize the remaining healthy gums. 

During the treatment, your periodontist will carefully move the tiny laser along your gums to remove infected tissue. Because diseased tissue is darker in color, the laser is able to target these areas with a high degree of precision. As your periodontist navigates the laser across your gums, the diseased tissue can be easily removed, while healthy gum tissue is left intact. Your periodontist can then eliminate additional plaque and tartar and then smooth over the gums.  The remaining healthy gums can then work to regenerate new tissue, leaving patients with significantly improved oral health.

LANAP is also quick and easy. Each office visit takes about an hour, and the entire process usually only requires a couple of sessions. The whole process is also very safe. Periodontists receive special training in order to administer LANAP, and dental lasers have been used for decades. 

How Painful Is Laser Periodontal Treatment?

It’s not very painful at all, especially when compared to traditional periodontal surgery. Some patients report feeling minor discomfort during the procedure, but your periodontist can help manage any minor pain with various treatments. Therefore, LANAP is an excellent option for patients with severe periodontitis who fear the pain associated with a gum flap procedure.

One of the best parts about LANAP is the easy recovery. Because the procedure is less invasive, patients feel better after a couple of days. This leads to a significantly decreased chance of infection or complications. Best of all, the procedure won’t impact your bite or smile in the days following treatment. Compare this to gum flap surgery, which can require two to four weeks of recovery time.

Why Is Laser Periodontal Treatment So Effective?

LANAP is effective because it promotes self-regeneration of the diseased tissue while also disinfecting the tooth and implant surface. The whole process also promotes healing. Additionally, lasers are significantly more accurate than manual instruments, which means more healthy tissue will be left undisrupted.  As a result, LANAP can be highly effective at treating chronic cases of periodontitis without the need for any type of invasive procedure. 

Because this procedure is safe, effective, fast, and painless, there are virtually no downsides to LANAP.

How Do I Receive Laser Periodontal Treatment?

One of the great things about LANAP is it’s suitable for almost everyone. If you are pregnant or suffering from certain medical conditions, you may need to consult with your periodontist beforehand. However, patients of all ages receive laser periodontal treatment every day. In most cases, if you’re suffering from moderate to severe periodontitis and want to avoid traditional surgery, you’re an ideal candidate for LANAP.

However, keep in mind that not all periodontists can perform laser periodontal treatment, so you’ll want to find a licensed and certified provider. If you’re in Volusia County, Florida, give us a call at Ormond Beach Periodontics. We specialize in laser periodontal treatment and would love to offer a consultation today.

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