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New Teeth In Only One Day?

Many people assume that dental implants are an impractical solution or that, were they to get them, it would take multiple dental visits and months and months of painful experiences. That’s not always the case at all.
Implants are a more practical solution to tooth loss than ever, and they are increasingly comparably more affordable as well. And there is no argument at all about the fact that they are the most effective type of tooth restoration that mimics the look, feel, and function of natural teeth.

Full Tooth Restoration Options Same-day!
With Teeth In One Day, you can opt for an ,implant-supported denture or implant-supported bridges. You can also get teeth extracted on the same day you fill the empty socket with an implant.

Historically an implant was placed for each missing tooth and restored independently. This could become very expensive and require multiple visits and months of therapy.

Does Teeth In One Day Work?
In most ways, same-day implants are implanted just like other dental implants. You have to have the gum lifted aside and the implant will be placed in a sized preparation in the underlying bone.. Either way, the implant needs to fuse firmly to the bone mass over time.

Same-day implants usually are placed at specific angles to give them added strength and help them to fuse faster – due to multiple implants being stabilized by a hybrid denture. A temporary dental bridge is often used to cap the implants until the permanent crown, dentures, or bridge can be placed.

What Advantages Do Same-day Implants Offer?
The bottom line for patients is clear: it’s all about the specific benefits they will receive by opting for Teeth In One Day over the “regular” dental implant process.

What exactly are those benefits? Well, they are many. Here are the most important ones to consider:

  • Save your valuable time. One dental visit and one follow up visit to confirm all is healing properly, maybe 3 to 6 weeks later, is a big improvement over 3 or 4 visits across 4 to 6 months.
  • Less recovery time. Don’t like pain? Who does! Modern dentistry minimizes it, but the more procedures you have, the more pain and longer recovery time is involved. That’s another reason one same-day operation is best.
  • If your bone or gums are in poor shape, those problems have to be addressed first through bone grafts and soft tissue grafts. Otherwise, same-day implants can typically be done.

To learn more about Teeth In One Day or to schedule an appointment to discuss your tooth restoration options with an experienced periodontist, contact Dr. Kenzik in Central Florida today!

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