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How Your Stress Levels Affect Oral Health

Stress affects your body in many ways. One thing that may be unexpected is the toll it can take on your oral health through both conscious and subconscious behaviors. Stress management can be difficult, but it’s important to make an effort to find balance in your life in order to maintain your overall health.
Nutrition, Brushing, and Flossing
When you’re experiencing regular stress, you’re much more likely to shirk your usual healthy habits. People experiencing stress are more likely to choose unhealthy foods, as well as to skip out on their usual oral health routine. A combination which has obvious, and serious, repercussions for both your oral and overall health.

When you don’t maintain a routine of regular brushing and flossing, plaque will build up and can lead to periodontitis (gum disease) and tooth loss, especially if you’ve turned to tobacco use to manage your stress. The use of tobacco will only serve to exasperate and dental issues that are already developing. Self-care should be one of your highest priorities when dealing with stressful circumstances, as neglecting yourself will only add to your stress. Avoiding tobacco products, as well as sugar-laden treats, can help you maintain your oral health and keep preventable dental issues from developing.

Subconscious Behaviors
Stressful situations can manifest themselves in ways that you may not even be consciously aware of. Stress and tension can cause you to clench your jaw and grind your teeth (bruxism), which can lead to sensitivity, gum recession, and damage to the jaw joint. For grinding and clenching which occurs at night while you’re sleeping, your periodontist can provide you with a mouth guard or other treatment options to help curb this behavior. Otherwise, your best bet is to find ways to ease the tension you’re experiencing. Whether it’s a significant life change, or something as simple as unwinding with yoga before bedtime.

If you’re finding that your stress is manifesting itself in ways that are impacting your oral health, it’s important that you address them as soon as possible. The longer you wait to take care of developing issues, the worse they’re likely to get. This is especially true of gum disease, which can quickly lead to a host of other oral problems.

Dr. Raymond Kenzik in Ormond Beach, FL is your local periodontal specialist. Specially certified to treat the periodontal issues you may be facing due to stress, you can feel confident that he has to expertise and experience you’re looking for. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation and create an action plan for restoring your oral health.

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