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How Tobacco Use Affects Your Oral Health

At this point, the health risks of regular tobacco use are fairly well known; cancer, yellowing of teeth and nails, a loss of taste and smell, the list goes on an on. But do you know the extent of damage that tobacco use can have on your oral health, in addition to your overall health?
A Downward Spiral
When it comes to oral health, there is a direct chain of events that occurs if you don’t work to solve problems as they arise. It starts with a buildup of plaque, which can lead to gum recession. Gum recession provides space for more bacteria and plaque to build up, which can lead to gum disease. While gum disease can be treated fairly easily in most cases, smoking will greatly inhibit your periodontist’s efforts to do so. When gum disease is left untreated, it can lead to further gum recession and tooth loss.

Smoking can affect your mouth’s production of saliva, which is vital to the overall health of your mouth. Saliva does many things for your oral health, including the protection of tooth enamel and the prevention of tooth decay.

Tobacco use can also make it harder for your mouth to heal after periodontal treatments, which makes it much less likely that these procedures will be successful. When these procedures are unsuccessful, the downward spiral will continue until you take major steps to stop it.

How to Put on the Brakes
If your oral health is declining, your first step should be to quit the use of tobacco products. This should be closely followed by a consultation with your periodontist so that together you can decide the best course of treatment for your particular situation. The sooner you begin treating oral health issues, the higher the likelihood that these treatments will be successful and that your oral health will improve.

Periodontists specialize in the treatment of issues surrounding gum disease, including tooth loss and dental implants. They’ve received three additional years of dental schooling and are highly qualified to help you deal with the issues that can arise due to tobacco use.

If you’ve recently quit smoking and are looking to repair some of the damage that has been done, contact Dr. Kenzik’s Periodontal office in Ormond Beach, FL to schedule a consultation. He’ll walk you through your treatment options and help you come up with a plan to give you back your smile.

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