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The High Cost of Doing Nothing When Dealing With Tooth Loss

When dealing with tooth loss, it can be tempting to do nothing, but this can be more costly long term than if you were to invest in replacing your teeth. There are many consequences to putting off dental procedures and it’s almost always better to deal with tooth loss sooner rather than later.
What are the consequences?
By avoiding dealing with tooth loss, you can cause serious damage to the rest of your mouth. You may experience bone loss, your other teeth may loosen and move, and it can even cause poor nutrition.

When a tooth is missing, the gum and bone are no longer stimulated and will slowly reduce over time. This causes your other teeth to become loose and move around. If the bone loss is severe, you can even begin to lose your other teeth.

When your teeth move, it can also cause your bite to be misaligned, making it more difficult to eat. This in turn can cause poor nutrition if your food choices are limited by discomfort. Even a cavity can be enough to cause someone to change their eating habits, so it’s best not to put off any dental procedure if you can help it.

What can I do?
There are many options available for replacing missing teeth. One of the best options if you wish to avoid bone loss is dental implants. Because they mimic the stimulation of your natural teeth, your bone will continue to regenerate and you won’t experience further tooth loss.

In most cases, people avoid dealing with dental issues for two reasons. It’s not uncommon for people to be afraid of the pain that’s associated with going to the dentist, as well as the resulting bills.

At Dr. Kenzik’s Periodontal office in Ormond Beach, FL we offer a variety of minimal and non-invasive procedures, sedation dentistry, and we accept Care Credit. All of which will put you at ease so that you can stop avoiding taking care of your mouth.

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