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How Teeth In One Day Speeds Up The Dental Implant Process

Extra wait time, additional dental appointments in the midst of a busy schedule, two separate dental insurance claims, and likely a higher overall bill can all result when you get an extraction during one dental office visit and a dental implant on a subsequent visit.
If it’s absolutely necessary to handle this process in two steps instead of one, that’s one thing. But in most instances, you can take care of them both at once with the Teeth In One Day procedure.

Simple Versus Surgical Tooth Extractions
When you schedule your tooth extraction, consider scheduling a dental implant on the same day. On the other hand, if your tooth is already missing, you can also get implants installed in a single day provided you have enough bone and gum tissue surrounding where the implant rod will go, to adequately support it.

When would a simple extraction be necessary? It could be your tooth is badly decayed below the gums and is not a good candidate for a root canal. It could be the tooth is badly cracked, making it painful, difficult to use, and liable to spread dangerous infections to the rest of your mouth and body. In some cases, teeth may be so crowded that it is impacting your smile, making for an uneven bite pattern, and causing tooth enamel on your crowns to wear down too fast.

When would it be a good idea to get a surgical tooth extraction? Basically, the same reasons apply here as with a simple extraction except that the tooth is fractured, impacted, or otherwise unable to be removed by simpler means. Dr. Kenzik uses minimally invasive techniques to remove such teeth surgically with optimal results. A local anesthetic and/or dental sedation may be needed.

About Implants With Teeth In One Day
When you’re already taking your natural tooth out, that’s the perfect opportunity to immediately put the implant tooth into the now-empty socket. Before the day arrives, you need to see Dr. Kenzik so he can make sure you are a good candidate for same-day implants as far as having sufficient underlying bone structure and healthy gums.

After your tooth is extracted, then a hole must be made in your gum tissue and, with some implant types, into the bone tissue a short distance. The implant rod is made of titanium, which is unique for its ability to fuse to bone tissue and to safely coexist with living human tissues. The rod looks like a kind of a screw on the top of which a dental crown will later be fastened.

You may get a temporary crown on surgery day, but it is possible to get the permanent dental crown same-day too in some cases. The periodontal tissue will be carefully closed up around the implant rod and any posts that are used to support it, and will also ultimately connect to your permanent crown just like gums stick to natural teeth.

Many times, same-day implants are placed at a slight angle to maximize bone-implant contact surface area and to make the implant fuse to the bone somewhat faster. The success rate for same-day implants is 98%, and in rare cases where problems occur, they can be readily fixed.

To learn more about Teeth In One Day and/or tooth extractions, contact periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, Volusia and Flagler Counties, and all Central Florida today!

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