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Why Teeth In One Day Could Be Your Implant Solution

At Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik’s periodontal office in Ormond Beach, Florida, Teeth In One Day is his same-day dental implants procedure that has been making news and benefiting customers for years in the Central Florida Area.
But you may be wondering, what exactly is “Teeth In One Day” and why is it a popular choice? Here are some answers to those twin questions.

What Is Teeth In One Day?
Teeth In One Day enables you to have your new dental implant(s) installed and a complete hybrid denture made in a single dental visit. You can also have an extraction done and follow it immediately with an implant during the same visit as well. A free standing dental implant will usually require a delay of three to four month before a crown can be placed. The process of osseointegration of bone to implant for long term stability is drastically shortened when multiple implants are placed simultaneously and stabilized be a fixed hybrid denture covering the entire arch.

While there are some restrictions on who can safely qualify for same-day implants, many do. And the success rate for such implants being at 98% is surely a reassuring thought.

You would have to discuss your teeth and your plans with Dr. Kenzik first to ensure this operation is right for you and then set up the appointment to have it done. You would be given a few instructions on how to prepare pre-op and a few basic post-op care directions as well, but basically, it’s a one-visit procedure that is simple and straightforward.

Why Choose Same-Day Implants?
There are many good reasons to opt for same-day dental implants if you can. First of all, you can have the operation done and over with in one day instead of taking several appointments and possibly months overall to complete the installation of the implant(s). Record taking appointments are usually required before the implants are placed and the hybrid is installed.

You can usually use your implants right after they are put in, though you do have to “go easy on them” until they 100% heal and fuse to the underlying bone. And you can get an extraction and crown placements same-day as well.

Finally, note that a single visit means it’s easier to schedule, involves less pain and less healing time, and could save you money as compared to the cost of multiple visits for traditional implant placement.

Why Choose Dr. Kenzik?
Dr. Kenzik is an expert at all manner of dental implant placements, be it a single tooth, several teeth, or implants that support dentures or bridges. He has deep experience with both traditional and same-day implant surgeries and maintains an extremely high customer satisfaction rate and implant success rate.

Also, we never high pressure you to decide on a particular procedure like dental implants or to decide between same-day and ordinary implants. We simply present to you honestly and fully all the relevant facts you need to know to make your own decision.

We offer competitive rates, accept most forms of dental insurance, and may be able to help you obtain financing for an implant procedure. Our staff is friendly, our office is clean and equipped with all the latest dental and periodontal equipment, and our head periodontist (Dr. Kenzik) ranks among the most skilled in his field in the Central Florida Region.

To learn more, or to set up an initial exam, feel free to contact Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik today! We are located in Ormond Beach, FL, and serve all of Volusia & Flagler Counties. We also often serve tourists and those coming from further afield because they’ve heard of Dr. Kenzik’s highly respected expertise.

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