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Are You a Candidate for Teeth Express?

If you have missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures, but don’t want to go through weeks or months of appointments and procedures to correct the problem, the dental implants available via Teeth Express may be the answer you have been looking for.
Periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik and his practice in Ormond Beach, FL, now offer an exclusive procedure called “Teeth Express.” Advanced dental techniques, superior equipment, and state of the art dental appliances mean your new teeth can be installed much more quickly. Often in a single day!

Benefits of the Teeth Express Process
Dental implants in general are a modern break-through that has changed the lives of millions for the better. Helping them to enjoy the use of replacement teeth that function and look like their original teeth. But Teeth Express brings several important benefits that go beyond this:

  • Enhanced stability of the implants and of any dentures that may be attached to them.
  • The surgery to install the implants and attach the dentures can be done in as little as a day. By using existing dentures as a model or preparing new dentures ahead of time, the procedure can be done much faster.
  • By securing a denture to four to six strategically placed implants, you can get all of your new teeth in a single day. Or, a few scattered missing teeth can be replaced.
  • The procedure involves minimal amounts of pain, and a local anesthetic will be used.
  • Post-surgical recovery time is quick, and you will only have to follow a few simple instructions for after-care.
  • Success rates for the procedure are extremely high when performed by a certified practitioner like Dr. Kenzik.

The Problems With Conventional Dentures
In the past, removable dentures were almost always resorted to in cases of excessive tooth loss. Today, titanium dental implants are gaining great popularity both for replacing individual teeth and for acting as supports for permanent dentures.
Ordinary dentures have many drawbacks, including:

  • Slipping in your mouth as you talk or chew.
  • Making it nearly impossible to eat certain foods.
  • Slurring your speech or otherwise interfering with it.
  • Irritating your gums, cheeks, and mouth.
  • Sores and pain appear as the dentures cease to fit after changes in your oral cavity.
  • Wearing down of the alveolar ridge bone of your jaw.
  • The inconvenience of using sticky goo and of removing and washing the dentures daily.
  • You will eventually outgrow your dentures and need to have new ones made.

Is Teeth Express Right for You?
Given the advantages of express-fit implants and dentures and the drawbacks of ordinary dentures, Teeth Express has much to offer. However, only after taking 3D X-rays of your jaw can it be determined for certain if you are a good candidate for Teeth Express.

In some cases, bone grafts may need to be made first before dental implants can be safely installed so as to last a lifetime. But many can have their implants/dentures done “express.” To learn more or to schedule a free initial consultation concerning, feel free to contact Dr. Kenzik today.

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