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Dentures vs Implants: Which Option Is Right For You?

When dealing with tooth loss, there are many things to consider before choosing a solution for the replacement of your teeth. Some people tend to make a simple cost comparison, but there are many other factors that should be taken into account in order to find the most beneficial solution for your oral health. Dental implants, while typically more expensive, offer a variety of benefits that aren’t just related to cosmetic appeal.
Dentures vs. Dental Implants
Depending on your unique situation, in many cases dental implants are the superior option. While relatively inexpensive, dentures do nothing to support the health of your jaw bone and can be extremely inconvenient. Dentures often require you to remove perfectly healthy teeth, can slip and move around, require you to avoid certain foods, and need to be removed regularly for cleaning. The hassle of dentures can often outweigh whatever temporary cost savings you experience as they will likely need to be remade or realigned in order to continue to fit your mouth due to normal wear and tear, especially as you experience bone loss due to a lack of stimulation in the jaw.

Dental implants on the other hand, look and act like your natural teeth. This means that by opting for implants you can avoid the bone loss that would otherwise occur. They’re easy to care for as part of your regular oral health routine, they feel and function like natural teeth, and they’re typically a very long lasting solution so the upfront investment can mean more savings over time. Even more importantly, dental implants can allow you to maintain your overall oral health.

What are your options?
While dentures may seem like the more affordable option, the extra cost of adhesives, cleaning solutions, and denture replacements can certainly add up. Including the fact that dental implants typically last two to three times longer than dentures, and the gap in initial cost closes even more. If you’re looking for a permanently fixed solution, dental implants can be your best bet, particularly if you only need a replacement for a few teeth.

With implants and implant supported dentures, you can replace missing teeth safely in a way that will support your future oral health and allow you to maintain a healthy, confident smile. To learn more about the options that will best meet your needs, contact Dr. Raymond Kenzik’s Periodontal office in Ormond Beach, FL to schedule a consultation.

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