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Why Consider Getting LANAP Gum Surgery?

Periodontal problems afflict literally millions of Americans, the majority of the population in fact getting some form of periodontal disease at some point during their lives.

The risks of gum disease, left untreated, are great, including infection, inflammation, bleeding, tooth loss, bone loss, and ill effects on areas of the body “beyond the mouth” as well. There have been recent reports linking periodontal disease to increased risk of lung cancer and of course cardiovascular diseases.

Traditional periodontal surgery is still used, and sometimes it’s the best option available, but laser periodontal surgery is usually a better route to go. And LANAP (laser assisted new attachment procedure) is the premier laser-surgery method when it comes to your gums.

What Is LANAP Laser Periodontal Treatment?
LANAP represents a huge advance over periodontal surgeries of the past. It can’t be used in every instance (so consult your periodontist to see if it’s right for you), but where it can be used, it offer immense benefits, including:

  • Higher success rates.than root planing and scaling
  • A far less painful procedure than conventional osseous surgery.
  • Very little post-operative gum and tooth root sensitivity.
  • Quicker recovery time.
  • Less loss of good gum tissue while removing the infected tissue.

But LANAP’s “calling card” benefit is that it is the only method that is scientifically proven to stimulate regeneration, or regeneration, of periodontal tissue and even jawbone material as well as having the ability to assist in gum tissue repair and reattachment during the surgery without resorting to sutures.

The laser used in LANAP surgery normally needs no help from a scalpel. The laser has seven different pulse lengths (strengths) that allows it to cut at different depths and in different ways, in the hands of an experienced periodontal surgeon.

This technology can remove damaged tissue without affecting neighboring healthy tissue, other than to stimulate it to grow. It can clear off the bacteria causing gum infections and inflammations with a hair-width laser that cuts with incredible precision and is virtually painless.

How Does The LANAP Procedure Work?
You can use LANAP laser periodontal treatment to reverse the effects of gum disease in your whole mouth. It is usually reserved for more advanced cases of gum disease, but sometimes it can be used in less severe situations as well.

Normally, the surgery is done in two separate visits of about two hours each or one visit of three to four hours. The first visit will address one side of your mouth, and the second visit the other side (left versus right side, with visits about a week apart.)

Your dental surgeon may use a local anesthetic and/or dental sedation if you request it, but since the procedure is so painless, the sedation may not even be necessary.

During the first few days after LANAP surgery, you may feel a little sore on the side of your mouth that was treated, but even just taking an over the counter pain reliever like ibuprofen or tylenol,generally takes care of that. You may also see slight discoloration of the gums around the teeth, but that is normal and will go away on its own.

If your periodontist installed splints to stabilize loose teeth during the surgery, don’t neglect to wear them as instructed. And you may also need follow up visits in which your bite will be adjusted if necessary.

During the first week or so of healing, avoid brushing or flossing the sensitive area, follow a soft diet recommended by your periodontist, and do not smoke tobacco products since this can slow down the healing process.

To learn more about LANAP and if it’s the best solution for your periodontal problems, contact Dr. Raymond Kenzik in Volusia and Flagler Counties, FL, today!

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