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Why Choose Laser Periodontal Treatment?

No one plans on getting gum disease, and in spite of your best efforts at preventing it, you may end up with gingivitis or periodontitis (the more advanced stage of gum disease). If you even suspect you may have gum problems, be sure to see your local periodontist without delay. If the diagnosis is positive, there will be several treatment options available. But laser periodontal treatment is usually your best choice – here’s why!
Laser Periodontal Treatment Is The Cutting Edge
When it comes to dental technology, laser gum surgery and its use of the advanced LANAP laser is state of the art. A pulsating, handheld laser tool, in the hands of an experienced periodontist, can safely vaporize or cut away diseased gum tissue in one sitting.

The same laser that eliminates infected tissue also kills off harmful bacteria, prepares tooth root surfaces for successful gum reattachment, and cauterizes your gums to prevent bleeding. The laser also stimulates regrowth of gum tissue post-op.

Amazingly, LANAP is faster, more effective, and far less painful than other treatment options. Recovery time is far faster too, with most patients going back to their work and regular daily routine within 24 hours’ time. Finally, the results of laser periodontal surgery often last longer and have much lower reinfection rates than the alternatives.

The Top 6 Benefits Of Laser Periodontal Treatment
We can summarize the reasons for choosing laser periodontal by listing its top 6 benefits:

  • Hair-thin “smart” laser that precisely targets infected gum tissue while preventing the unnecessary loss of adjacent healthy tissue.
  • Extremely effective at destroying deep periodontal pockets and all other harmful mouth bacteria it comes in contact with.
  • Significant evidence exists that the LANAP laser actually stimulates gums to regrow themselves naturally, avoiding the need for gum grafts.
  • Laser gum treatment is far less painful than other treatment options. There is very minimal bleeding or swelling of the gums in most cases, and anesthetic is typically not even needed.
  • The treatment can be completed in a single dental visit, often in only an hour or two. And there aren’t as many follow-up visits either.
  • The recovery process is quicker, and your gums look more normal in the meantime as well. Most return to work within just one day.

Find Out If You Are A Good Candidate!
There are some situations where root planing and scaling, gum flap surgery, gum grafts, and other more “traditional” approaches may be better or required. Not every patient is a good candidate for laser periodontal treatment – but most are.

The cost of laser gum surgery may be comparable to other methods. The fact that fewer dental visits are required often helps to make this treatment less or no more expensive – especially when dealing with advanced stages of periodontal disease. And most dental insurance plans will cover laser periodontal insurance.

Not all periodontists are trained and experienced at performing laser periodontal surgery. Dr. Stuart Beauchamp of Ormond Beach Periodontics, however, is among those who are. He always makes time to meet with patients and patiently explain to them their gum treatment options.

For more information about laser periodontal treatment and/or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Beauchamp, contact Ormond Beach Periodontics and Implant Dentistry today!

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