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When To Get Dental Implants

There is no time like the present to make the decision to have modern dental implants put in. Today’s dental implants are better than ever and can restore the full functionality and natural appearance of your original teeth.

In fact, modern implants mimic your natural teeth so closely that people who don’t already know you have implants are not likely to figure it out. Over time, you may almost begin to forget that you are using implants since they work just like “real teeth.”

There are many good reasons not to delay in contacting your local periodontist about dental implants. Here are the top 5 reasons to get started today!

1. Empty Sockets Shrink Over Time

Many people arrange to have their dental implants put in right after a tooth extraction – same day even, so the socket won’t sit empty. You CAN get implants even if you have been missing teeth for years, but the sooner you get them the better. Here’s why.

When you lose a tooth, the pressure that it used to put on your underlying alveolar bone in your jaw is gone. The body responds by gradually resorbing bone mass so that the bone actually “shrinks” over time. The surrounding gum tissue may also shrink down and recede somewhat.

You need a minimal amount of bone tissue to receive a dental implant. If the bone gets too thin, you can still get an implant but will have to have a bone graft done first to build up the bone tissue. It’s desirable to avoid the bone graft step if possible, and getting dental implants done earlier may help you do just that.

2. Missing Teeth Can Cause Serious Problems

Aside from bone shrinkage, there are many problems (some of them serious) that missing teeth can cause. These risks evaporate once you have modern dental implants placed.

First of all, there is an aesthetic issue – dental implants give you back your original smile. Secondly, there is a heightened risk of oral health problems. Gums can more easily get infected (especially inside the old tooth socket), for example. 

Third, missing teeth can cause difficulty chewing, and thus digesting foods to get the fullest possible nutrition out of every meal. Fourth, missing teeth often affect one’s pronunciation of words. Again, none of that is going to be a problem anymore once you have implants.

3. Removable Dentures Can Hurt Your Gums

Many who are missing a significant number of teeth – or all or nearly all of their teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw, resort to removable dentures as a solution.

However, you normally outgrow your dentures every few years so that you have to keep coming back and getting them redone. Dental implants are a once-for-all solution. Also, dentures can rub against your gums to the point of creating painful sores and causing bleeding.

A better solution is all-on-four implant-supported dentures. This system consists of four implant rods per jaw onto which is affixed a permanent denture that contains a full row of teeth. You would need to visit your periodontist periodically to monitor and clean under the dentures, but other than that, you don’t have to do anything. Your permanent dentures pretty much take care of themselves.

4. The Benefits of Dental Implants Await You!

There are many important benefits of dental implants that you are missing out on for as long as you delay making the decision to have them put in. Why wait? 

The titanium implant rod fuses to your bone tissue in a 100% safe process called osseointegration. This makes for a firm bite. Normal chewing and speaking are the results. Your alveolar bone health and periodontal health will benefit from implants. 

Implants are much more comfortable in your mouth than removable dentures or dental bridges. And implant rods are capped by amazingly natural-looking dental crowns. 

With implants, your new teeth will look, feel, and function just like your original teeth! And there’s no reason why you need to wait to get started on the process.

5. It’s Possible To Get Implants Done In One Dental Visit

Finally, if you run a tight schedule or just don’t like sitting in a dental chair any more than you absolutely have to, you’ll be glad to hear about “teeth in one day.”

While there are some limitations to who can qualify for same-day implants, most can. You will need to talk to your local periodontist and schedule an exam to make sure your bone, gums, and overall oral cavity are ready to immediately receive dental implants. But if teeth in one day is right for you, you can save time and still get the same dental implants.

To learn more about modern dental implants and their many benefits, or to schedule a consultation with an experienced periodontist, contact Ormond Beach Periodontics & Implant Dentistry today!

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