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When Are Periodontal Lasers Used To Treat Dental Patients?

Understanding the basics of periodontal disease and of how laser periodontal treatment works is only part of the equation when deciding on what type of periodontal treatment to opt for. You also need to understand the different situations in which periodontal lasers might be appropriate to use and the benefits laser periodontal treatment can potentially offer you.
What Are The Uses Of Modern Periodontal Lasers?
In the interests of helping you make an informed decision on whether laser periodontal treatment or another use of periodontal lasers is right for you, here are some of its most important uses:

  1. LANAP lasers are perfect for eliminating deep periodontal pockets of bacterial infection. This makes it the ideal treatment to use in cases of advanced periodontitis.
  2. Laser periodontal tools can be successfully employed in removing excess gum tissue during a crown lengthening operation.
  3. Periodontal lasers are used to remove soft tissues from your gums/mouth for a biopsy for oral cancer OR to simply get rid of abnormalities.
  4. A frenectomy will be done by assistance from laser tools. A frenectomy involves correcting displaced frenulum muscles, which lie between your front teeth, so as to prevent gum recession or gaps forming between teeth.
  5. Periodontal type lasers can be used to remove “granulations” (tiny tissue lumps) and small localized blood clots from your gums, which an earlier non-laser periodontal treatment may have left.

Which Patients Should Especially Consider Laser Surgery?
There are specific situations where laser periodontal treatment, or another use of periodontal lasers, is especially appropriate.

If you have deep, inoperable bacterial pockets in your gums, laser treatment is strongly recommended to remove them.

And if your gum disease is extensive, laser treatment can remove the damaged tissues with minimal loss to healthy tissue – and that’s very important when your healthy tissue is already “getting scarce.” Plus, lasers stimulate your gums to regenerate, growing new healthy tissue.

If periodontal pockets are deeper than 4 mm or if non-laser treatments have failed to remove them, laser treatment is recommended.

For the elderly or the very young, or for anyone extremely unsettled by the prospect of traditional periodontal surgeries, lasers are a great alternative.

And for those taking certain medications they can’t stop taking while their gums heal, the quick recovery time and minimal pain/soreness of laser surgery makes it an ideal option.

What Are The Main Benefits of Laser Periodontal Treatment?
There are many benefits of laser periodontal treatment that apply to everyone, not just to those in such situations as were mentioned in the previous section above.

First of all, the procedure if virtually painless, and post-operative pain, swelling, and bleeding is minimal and minor as compared with other methods.

Second, it takes fewer and shorter visits to your periodontist office to complete laser treatment – and recovery is faster too. You can often get back to work after only one day off. That’s important to anyone with a busy schedule.

Third, lasers stimulate both gum tissue and underlying bone tissue growth in ways that no other treatment option can compare to, while losing far less of your healthy tissue in removing the unhealthy tissue.

Fourth and finally, laser surgery greatly reduce the risk of post-op infections and does a more thorough job of killing off bacteria on your gums and tooth roots.

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