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What To Look For In Your New Teeth

Tooth loss isn’t something to just shrug off and ignore. It can have serious consequences beyond just aesthetics, including infection, bone loss in your jawbone, pain while chewing, indigestion due to poorly chewed food, halitosis (chronic bad breath), and more.
But what is the best solution to tooth loss? Dental implants are the clear choice – far superior to dentures and dental bridges in multiple ways. But what exactly should you expect out of your new implants?

1. A Firmly Planted, Functional Tooth
With modern dental implants, a titanium rod attaches firmly to your alveolar bone mass – the very place where natural teeth are embedded. The titanium fuses safely to your alveolar ridge through a process called osseointegration.

What this means for you is that you can take a normal bite when you chew and use your replacement tooth in exactly the same way you would a natural tooth. Whether eating, speaking, playing sports, exercising, or any other normal daily activity – modern implants stand firm through it all so you can do it all!

2. A Fully Natural-looking Tooth
A modern dental crown will be attached to your implant rod. It will closely mimic the look and feel of your original tooth. The color, tone, shade, shape, and contours are all copied through dental photography and up to date dental lab methods.

Your smile will be all that it used to be! You will no longer need to feel shy about opening your mouth. Others who don’t know you have implants will probably assume your implants are natural teeth.

3. Painless & Low-maintenance
Removable dentures can rub against your gums and create sores and even cause bleeding. They may itch too, and you have to take them out at night and during intense physical activities. Plus, they are high-maintenance.

But with dental implants – including all-on-4 implant-supported permanent dentures, that all changes! Say goodbye to the pain of removable dentures and say hello to using the same dental hygiene routine on your implant teeth as you use on your regular teeth.

4. A Permanent Solution
With removable dentures, you typically have to get them refitted every few years. This is both because your mouth changes and because the dentures wear out.

But implants last for decades and often for a lifetime. You should get an annual checkup with your periodontist to ensure all is going well with your dentures – but there is typically no need to “mess with” them again once they have been placed.

5. Teeth In One Day
For those on a tight schedule, getting new teeth in one day is a big benefit. This is possible with dental implants. Teeth In One Day works just like regular implants except that the process is expedited and the implants may be placed at a slightly different angle to help them fuse to your bone faster.

Note that you have to have a generally healthy mouth and sufficient supportive bone tissue where the implant is to go in order to qualify for Teeth In One Day – but even if you can’t, you can still go through the regular dental implant placement process.

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