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What Is Teeth Express?

Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik is an experienced periodontist whose practice is situated in Ormond Beach and serves communities throughout Volusia and Flagler Counties, Florida, and beyond. Teeth Express is an exclusive program set up by Dr. Kenzik, whereby those in need of dental implants or implant-supported dentures can get them in a single day.
How Teeth Express Works
We at the periodontal office of Dr. Kenzik realize how busy people’s schedules are these days and we also understand that many feel anxiety over the very thought of seeing the dentist. That’s why we utilize the unique Teeth Express program. It allows us to correct the problem of missing teeth via titanium-root implants topped with dental crowns OR with a permanent denture or bridge attached to such implant roots, and do it in as little time as possible. Typically, that means minimal office visits once a plan is agreed on.

First, a 3-D X-ray must be taken of the relevant portion of your mouth/jaw, and your oral health in general must be assessed. In some cases, bone grafts and/or gum grafts might be necessary to safely install dental implants. That would mean Teeth Express would not be an option. Or, if you have advanced periodontal disease, implants could not be immediately put in. But in most cases, Teeth Express is a viable option.

The modern dental equipment and training of Dr. Kenzik mean that crowns/dentures that fit the contours of your mouth can be formed in a matter of hours. This greatly speeds up the process and prevents the need for additional visits.

As to the surgery itself, a small hole is made in the gum tissue where your tooth once was, down to the alveolar ridge bone. Some implants will require a socket be made in the bone in which to set the implant. Implants fuse to the bone tissue as your jawbone heals. Teeth Express uses one-step instead of two-step implants to speed things along.

What Are the Benefits of Teeth Express?
We can summarize the main benefits of using Dr. Kenzik’s Teeth Express program as follows:

  • The procedure takes only one day in most cases. One implant might take less than an hour.
  • There is a 99% success rate in installing dental implants, and they last for decades, normally for a lifetime.
  • Usually, you only need one day to rest and recoup following the Teeth Express surgery.
  • Local anesthetic (and optionally oral sedation) during surgery and prescription medications for after the operation help to minimize pain.
  • Dentures supported by implants are more stable and have other advantages over “traditional dentures.”
  • We offer one-day implant services at very competitive rates, and your dental insurance will likely cover all or part of the procedure.
  • The final result is a fully functional, natural-looking artificial tooth that you can use just like a natural tooth.

To learn more about Teeth Express and dental implants in general, feel free to contact Dr. Kenzik today. Do not hesitate to make an appointment: whether you live in Florida or are just visiting, we will be happy to improve your smile!

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