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Three Signs That You May Need Treatment for Teeth Grinding

Teeth clenching and grinding, originally known as bruxism, can cause a various array of serious oral health complications. Unfortunately, many people are unaware that they grind their teeth during their sleep. It is not uncommon for many individuals to lack realization that they require treatment for this condition since many are unaware they are being affected. To protect the longevity of your smile and oral health, be mindful of the following indications that you may require treatment for teeth grinding.
1. You Experience Typical Symptoms
Teeth clenching and grinding can cause various forms of facial pain. The following types of discomfort may all be symptoms of bruxism:

  • A headache near the temples
  • Pain that imitates an earache
  • Feelings of tightness or soreness in your jaw muscles
  • General facial pain

Your sleeping partner may also notice noises from clenching or grinding at night. Additionally, if your jaw locks in the open or closed position, bruxism may be responsible.

2. You Have Lifestyle Risk Factors
Various habits and lifestyle factors may raise your risk of grinding your teeth. The consumption of alcohol or substances that contain caffeine may cause grinding. If you regularly chew gum, pencils, or other items during the day, you may be likely to grind your teeth while at rest. Bruxism is also associated with stress and anxiety. If you suffer from these conditions or engage in these habits, it is important to stay alert to other signs of bruxism.

3. Your Teeth Show the Signs
Teeth grinding can wear down tooth enamel and signs of bruxism damage may also be revealed through your tongue or inner cheeks. If your teeth look worn, feel sensitive or seem to feel loosened within your mouth, it may be a warning sign of bruxism. By visiting a dentist or periodontist, a thorough examination of your teeth can identify visible signs of grinding.

Treating Teeth Grinding
If left untreated, teeth grinding can cause fractures, diminish tooth enamel, and cause loosened teeth within your mouth. These effects can put you at risk for tooth loss. Fortunately, there are various treatments for bruxism available.

At the office of Raymond Kenzik, DDS, we offer mouth guards that can be worn during sleep and we also advise patients on addressing the underlying causes of clenching or grinding. If you believe that you need treatment forteeth grinding in Ormond Beach, FL, feel free to schedule a consultation by calling us today at 386-672-9440.

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