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The Top 3 Reasons Patients Choose Ormond Beach Periodontics

If you’re seeking treatment for severe gum disease or are interested in dental implants as an option for tooth loss, finding a good periodontist is usually the first step. While your dentist can offer a referral, it doesn’t mean the recommended provider is the fit for you. Some periodontal treatments are long and complex, and many require several trips to the office. Therefore, finding a provider who is the right fit is highly important. If you’re going to see your periodontist frequently, it’s worth the extra time and effort to find one that makes you comfortable.

A Google search for “periodontist near me” is likely to turn up dozens of results. Skip the searching and call Ormond Beach Periodontics. We’re confident you will find our practice to be an excellent choice. Patients from all over Central Florida choose us for periodontal care. Here are three reasons why:

1. Patient Comfort Is Our Top Priority

Periodontal care can sound intimidating, and some treatments require multiple trips to the office. It’s not surprising some patients find the thought of periodontal care to be nerve-racking. This is why we do everything in our power to make patient comfort our number one focus.

Since you will be investing time in your care, we want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible while you’re with us. From the moment you walk in the door, we do everything we can to make the experience as easy as possible. From our friendly and knowledgeable staff to our beautifully designed treatment rooms, we’ve created a pleasant office environment for everyone. During treatment, you can kick back in our handcrafted leather seats and enjoy beautiful views of our garden.

When it comes to treatments, we always take the easiest and least painful path. When we do have to perform an invasive procedure, we offer patients numerous sedation dentistry options to minimize pain and maximize comfort. Among these options is conscious sedation. This process allows you to take a pill prior to their appointment, so by the time you arrive, you are comfortable and relaxed.

When visiting Ormond Beach Perio, you can rest assured we’ll do everything in our power to make you as comfortable as possible.

2. We Don’t Just Treat, We Teach

You should never feel left in the dark about your oral care. When it comes to maintaining good oral health and preventing gum disease and tooth loss, a little education goes a long way. At Ormond Beach Perio, we take extra time to educate patients about their conditions, treatment plans, and prevention. The knowledge we share helps you to make the right decisions and empowers you to take your oral care into your own hands.

We’re also firm believers in the connection between your oral health and overall health. We help patients understand good oral hygiene does more than just prevent cavities and gum disease. It can also prevent heart conditions and cognitive disorders. We want all of our patients to live long, healthy lives, and good oral health is an important first step.

3. We Have The Best Dental Treatment Technology

Dental treatment technology has come a long way over the last several decades. At Ormond Beach Perio, we’re always investing in the latest technology to help ensure positive patient outcomes. We can quickly diagnose issues, expedite treatments, and reduce or eliminate pain by leveraging the right tools.

We perform all diagnostic imaging and testing in-house, so we’re able to expedite treatment plans. We have an array of imaging technology including CT scans, 3D imaging, digital x-rays, and everything needed to accurately assess your condition. 

We’re also licensed to perform Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), also known as laser periodontal treatment. It’s an effective, less-invasive way to treat severe gum disease with a dental laser. The procedure helps to eliminate infected tissue with minimal pain and no incisions. 

Because we invest in technology and have the skills to perform unique procedures, we’re highly sought-after by patients in need of specific techniques. 

In addition to the three reasons above, the experience of Dr. Stuart Beauchamp is another thing that sets us apart. Dr. Beauchamp is a leading periodontist in Volusia County and has extensive training and many years of experience in dental implants, gum disease treatment, bone grafting, and more. Dr. Beauchamp earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and a Doctorate of Dental Medicine with a Certificate in Periodontics from the Dental College of Georgia.

If you’re searching for a “periodontist near me”, look no further than Ormond Beach Perio. Give us a call at 386-672-9440 to set up your consultation today.

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