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The 7 Key Benefits Of Laser Periodontal Treatment

Suffering from severe gum disease – or from any stage of gum disease for that matter, is certainly no fun. Many fear getting into the dental chair, however, and don’t want to undergo a painful surgery that will take 6 months of longer to heal. Is there an alternative?
I’m glad you asked! Indeed, laser periodontal treatment takes the fear out of getting your gums treated. It is easily the most advanced method used by periodontists today and has many advantages over other methods, including these seven.

1. Little To No Pain, Swelling, & Bleeding
The number one advantage of laser gum treatment that most patients make mention of is the amazing lack of pain during the procedure. There is virtually no bleeding and very little swelling. Compared to root planing and scaling, gum grafting, and other methods, there is little pain post-op as well.

Laser periodontal treatment is a minimally invasive treatment method. Most people don’t even need a local anesthetic.

2. Eliminates Harmful Bacteria More Effectively
The next big benefit of using lasers to treat gum disease is the amazingly effective results at destroying harmful bacteria. Lasers get into deep periodontal pockets that reach below the gum line, clean off tooth root surfaces, and safely and painlessly remove infected gum tissue.

Plus, the odds of a re-infection following laser periodontal treatment is much less than with other approaches. The hand-held pulse laser is ideal for bacterial eradication.

3. Preserves Your Healthy Gum Tissue!
High-tech lasers (LANAP) used for periodontal treatment can vaporize or cut away infected gum tissue while leaving adjacent healthy gum tissue unharmed. Different settings penetrate to different depths, and these “smart lasers” can hit their targets with pinpoint accuracy.

In the hands of a trained and experienced periodontist, gum-treatment lasers are ideal for eliminating the bad tissue while keeping all the good.

4. Can Be Cost-effective
Most dental insurance will cover laser gum surgery when it is a necessary procedure. And when used to correct serious gum conditions that would have required multiple visits under another treatment method, laser treatment may cost the same or less.

5. Get Your Smile Back Now
How your smile will look following any gum surgery depends on how severe the gum disease was. But all other things being equal, you walk out of the dental chair with a more fully restored smile with laser treatment than with the alternatives. This is especially true when other methods would require gum grafts and dental stitches.

6. Laser Periodontal Treatment Is Faster
For patients who are hard pressed for time, laser treatment is the obvious answer. The procedure may only take an hour or two and is finished on the first dental visit. You may need a quick follow-up session too to make sure your gums are healing properly, but that’s about it.

7. Gums Heal Quicker Following Laser Treatment
Most people can return to work and their daily routines after only 24 hours with laser periodontal treatment. By contrast, it could be days or weeks before that happens with other methods (in severe cases.) Overall healing time is much shorter too, and there are fewer lifestyle restrictions during the healing process.

Anyone with a serious case of gum disease should consider laser periodontal treatment as a viable option. While it’s not best for everyone, most patients and good candidates for it. To learn more, contact Ormond Beach Periodontics today!

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