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Teeth In One Day: Here’s What You Need To Know

Tooth loss is absolutely devastating and can leave patients feeling embarrassed, self-conscious, and frustrated. It can have physical and psychological impacts, and if the situation isn’t resolved quickly, it can compound into other oral health problems.

While many options are available to resolve tooth loss, dental implants are the closest you can get to real teeth. They’re durable and comfortable, and they can restore your bite and smile. However, traditional dental implants are placed over several appointments with several months in between. This means patients are left without teeth for an extended period of time.

Luckily, there is another option. Teeth In One Day is a same-day dental implant procedure that allows you to walk into the office with missing or damaged teeth and walk out with a brand-new smile on the same day. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this innovative procedure.

What Is A Teeth In One Day Procedure?

Teeth In One Day is a procedure where dental implants are placed in a single day. It involves removing any damaged teeth (if necessary), inserting a permanent titanium dental implant, and connecting temporary crowns all within a single procedure. Over the next six to eight weeks, the implant will fuse with the jawbone, and the surgery site will heal. Afterward, your periodontist will swap out the temporary crowns with permanent ones.

Teeth In One Day is ideal for patients who need a full arch replacement, so they’re not stuck without teeth for several months. However, the procedure can also be performed on patients who need a single tooth or a smaller set of teeth replaced.

Do I Qualify For Teeth In One Day?

The same criteria used to qualify patients for dental implants applies to Teeth In One Day. The most important thing is that you have enough jawbone mass to support the implants. If not, bone grafting might be necessary. If you have a condition that impacts recovery, such as uncontrolled diabetes or you’re undergoing chemotherapy, then you’ll need to discuss your treatment options with your periodontist. Your provider will do a thorough review of your medical history to determine if you’re eligible for the procedure.

If you only need one tooth replaced, and it’s not significantly impacting your bite and smile, traditional dental implants might be a better solution. Your dentist will help you weigh the pros and cons of both options.

What To Expect During The Teeth In One Day Procedure

While damaged teeth are removed and implants are placed in a single day, the procedure does require several appointments leading up to the actual procedure date. Your periodontist will need to evaluate your oral health and take molds of your teeth ahead of time.

The actual procedure time varies depending on the number of teeth you need replaced, but you can expect it to take at least a few hours.

Pain can be managed during the procedure with local anesthesia and sedation dentistry solutions might be available to patients with high levels of anxiety. Therefore, you can expect minimal discomfort while you’re in the office. Discomfort may increase at home during the healing process, but can usually be managed with Ibuprofen.

What To Expect During The Healing Process

Unlike traditional implants, there won’t be a lengthy healing period between each stage of the procedure. Therefore, patients will need to be extra careful with what they eat following Teeth In One Day. Your dentist will work with you to carefully craft a diet plan that will prevent you from damaging your implants or disrupting the healing process, but you can expect to stick to soft foods for several weeks. You’ll also receive special oral hygiene care instructions that you’ll need to follow for an extended period of time. It’s also very important that you don’t smoke.

Teeth In One Day helps reduce the amount of time patients live without teeth, and it allows them to avoid multiple surgeries. This procedure is ideal for those who need several teeth replaced, suffer from significant dental anxiety, or simply can’t fit multiple surgeries into their busy schedules.

If you’re looking for a solution for tooth loss that won’t leave you without your teeth for an extended period of time, contact Ormond Beach Periodontics about Teeth In One Day. We’re Central Florida’s leading implant dentistry practice, and Dr. Beauchamp will draft a custom treatment plan just for you.

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