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Step By Step Through The Teeth Express Process

Modern dental implants have numerous benefits over all other tooth restoration options, and they are becoming more and more popular with every passing year.
But dental implants can also take months to fully install, when you include all the time from the initial surgery to the capping of the implants with a permanent dental crown. Is there a way to shorten that process without compromising on safety and quality?

At the periodontal practice of Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik, the Teeth Express program allows many patients to get an extraction, implant, and crown in a single sitting.

But how is it possible to get “teeth in a day,” and how does the process work?

Who Can Benefit From Teeth Express?
Teeth express greatly reduces dental implant treatment times from 6 to 12 months to a single appointment for implant installation, a later visit to switch out temporary for permanent crowns, and maybe a follow up visit or two.

Plus, by placing a crown immediately (sometimes a permanent one but usually a temporary), it’s easier to shape the surrounding gum tissue to look perfect once the final crown is put on.

With Teeth Express, patients no longer have to wait 3 to 6 months with a crownless implant creating a “gappy” smile.

But not everyone is a good candidate for Teeth Express. You have to have good general and oral health, overall, and it’s not generally recommended for smokers to opt for teeth in a day. Also, if you suffer from chronic teeth grinding/clenching (bruxism) or take certain prescription drug types, you should avoid this operation.

Finally, you also have to have sufficient bone structure underlying the implant location, or else you would have to get bone grafts and regular dental implant surgery instead.

4 Steps In The Teeth Express Process
The first step in getting same day dental implants through Teeth Express is the pre-surgical consultation. This is to screen you to make sure your oral cavity is in good enough health to safely undergo Teeth Express surgery.

In particular, your periodontist will check that you have enough bone and gum tissue around where the implant will be placed. If it’s found you can go ahead with Teeth Express, the exact position of the implant tooth and other elements of the surgery will be planned at this stage as well.

The second step is to carry out an tooth extractions, if necessary, to make way for the dental implants. Step three is installing the implant root(s) and takes place same-day with any extractions.

The implant root is affixed to the underlying bone tissue, through the socket left by the extracted tooth or through a newly created socket through the gum tissue.

Step four is the placement of a temporary crown, or more rarely a permanent crown, same-day. After the implant root has fully fused to the bone and your mouth has healed, a permanent crown will be swapped for the temporary one.

After surgery is complete, you’ll need to follow proper dental hygiene, avoid use of tobacco products, and avoided biting down hard on the implant until healing is complete.

To learn more about how Teeth Express works, and if it’s right for you, contact Dr. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, FL, and throughout Volusia & Flagler Counties.

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