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Selecting Your Best Dental Mouth Rinse

You’ve probably heard of the importance of using a dental mouth rinse liquid daily – once in the morning and once before bed at night. But with so many mouth rinses available on the market today, you may be wondering which one is right for you.
While there are many quality products that can get the job done, and factors like taste and personal preference enters into the equation, there are also more objective criteria to use in making a selection – including these five:

1. It Contains Fluoride
If you’re not getting fluoride in your water (because you are drinking bottled water instead of tap water) or in your toothpaste, then you really should be sure to use a fluoride-containing mouth rinse. Fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel and boost your overall oral health. In the USA most toothpastes and many water supplies contain enough fluoride. Caution that too much fluoride, especially for infants, can result in fluorosis of developing teeth. Check with your dentist or physician to pick the right course of treatment for your family.

Also, if you have a bad case of chronic “dry mouth,” you should use a mouth rinse with fluoride to help reverse this imbalance and provide some protection to cervical decay. Saliva is very necessary to protect teeth and roots from decay due to sticky plaque build up.

And there are mouth rinse products that are specifically for people with dry mouth as well.

2. Extra Gum Protection
If you want to maintain good gum health and prevent the need for periodontal treatment down the road – or prevent a return of previously vanquished periodontal disease, then a strong antiseptic mouthwash that kills off harmful mouth bacteria, even temporarily, could help.

If you have gingivitis or pre-gingivitis, this kind of mouth rinse can help reverse it. The liquid will help prevent stubborn plaque deposits that brushing alone might not catch – and that is key when it comes to protecting your oral health.

3. Fights Halitosis
Halitosis, the dental term for chronically bad breath, can be partially treated via use of the right dental mouth rinse. Any mouth rinse at all will help improve your breath, but those with strong cover scents – like mint, lemon, and cinnamon are quite effective as well as pleasant to use.

Remember that a mouth rinse that keeps mouth bacteria in check will also improve your breath by destroying the cause of your halitosis. But if bad breath is caused by smoking or eating high concentrations of garlic, onions, and the like – a scented mouth rinse and/or change of lifestyle habits are the answers.

4. Tooth-whitening Ability
While professional teeth whitening may be needed for the most stubborn tooth stains, there are over the counter options for less difficult situations. One of these is found in tooth-whitening mouth rinses. The degree of effectiveness varies between products.

Such products remove surface stains caused by coffee, tea, and various other foods and drinks and then protect your teeth with a “shield” that makes it more difficult for a repeat stain to occur.

5. Promotes Kids’ Oral Health
Everyone who has kids (or who ever was a kid!) knows how difficult it can be to get kids to keep up good oral health. Finding a proper toothbrush is part of the solution, but another tool is a kid-friendly mouth rinse. Making the tooth brushing a fun, family event is really important for children to develop good, long term habits.

A non-alcohol-containing option is a must. Most kids don’t like flavors like mint either but prefer something like bubblegum or a fruity flavor. They shouldn’t use a mouth rinse that is too strong for them, and be sure to instruct them on how to use it (never swallow, spit after gargling.)

One major component of your oral health arsenal should be a dental mouth rinse that best fits your needs. For additional help in deciphering which mouth rinse is truly best for you and your family, feel free to contact Dr. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, Florida, today!

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