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Ormond Beach Periodontics: Are You an Ideal Candidate for LANAP Laser Treatment?

Promptly treating gum disease is so important, as failure to do so can lead to further complications for both your teeth and your overall health. While many patients know the importance of seeking treatment, many are nervous about the idea of gum surgery.

While your periodontists will make every attempt to manage pain through local or general anesthesia during surgery, the invasive nature of many gum treatments can lead to significant swelling, bleeding, and pain in the days and weeks following the procedure.

At Ormond Beach Periodontics, we offer an alternative to invasive surgery. Because we want our patients receive the best possible care in the most comfortable environment, our team is trained and certified in LANAP laser periodontal treatment. This less invasive and less painful option is not only highly effective, it can be done without incisions and sutures, which makes it ideal for patients who are nervous about surgery. Best of all, laser periodontal treatment has far fewer side effects and a much shorter recovery time.

Below, we’ll discuss what to expect during LANAP treatment and how to determine if you’re a candidate for this innovative procedure.

What Is LANAP Laser Treatment?

Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a non-invasive and very effective method for treating periodontitis. During the treatment, a strong laser is used to remove inflamed tissue and sterilize the remaining gums. The laser is very thin, but it is capable of detecting inflamed gums with high precision due to the drastic color differences between infected (darker) and healthy (lighter) gums. The laser instantly eliminates all bacteria, which gives your gums the opportunity to heal effectively and quickly.

After infected tissue is eliminated and the gums are sterilized, your periodontist can easily remove additional plaque and tartar, and then smooth over the remaining gums. The whole procedure only takes about an hour, and it can be administered under general anesthesia.

What Are The Benefits of LANAP Treatment?

LANAP offers several benefits over traditional periodontal treatments like scaling, planing, and flap surgery. Traditional gum treatments are highly invasive and have long recovery times. Laser periodontal treatment offers a much easier alternative. Some of the top benefits of LANAP include:

  • It’s Very Effective – Laser periodontal treatment can help gums regenerate and stabilize much faster than other procedures. Many patients see noticeable improvements after a couple of office visits.
  • It’s Very Safe – While there are risks with virtually any medical procedure, lasers have actually been used to treat gum disease for many years. Periodontists undergo rigorous training and must be certified before offering this treatment. A LANAP laser is FDA approved. The whole procedure is very safe.
  • It’s Much Less Painful – No incisions mean less pain. LANAP can be easily performed under general anesthesia. Most patients experience minor discomfort while at the office and only need to take ibuprofen for one to two days after treatment.
  • It’s Quick – The whole procedure can be done in about an hour, and you may only need to make one or two office visits. Traditional gum treatments can take several hours.
  • Shorter Recovery Time – Because the procedure is less invasive, the recovery time is significantly shorter. It only takes about 24 hours to recover. The recovery time for traditional gum surgery is two to four weeks. With LANAP,  you can get back to your normal life quickly and minimize the long-term impact on your smile and bite. There is also a much smaller chance of infection after the procedure. 
  • It’s Often Covered By Insurance – Many patients fear LANAP is too expensive; however, the procedure is often covered by many insurance policies. If it’s not covered, you may be able to work with your periodontist’s office on a payment plan. 

How To Quality For LANAP Laser Treatment

The great news about LANAP is most people with moderate to severe gum disease qualify for this treatment. The risk of complications is very low. It may even be suitable for those who are pregnant, have diabetes, or take certain medications, though you’ll need to first consult with your periodontist.

If you have moderate to severe gum disease and are nervous about traditional surgery, you’re likely an ideal candidate for laser periodontal treatment. 

While most people qualify, your periodontist will need to conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical background. In some cases, certain prescriptions or health conditions may disqualify you. If your gum disease is less severe, LANAP may not be necessary, as your periodontist could potentially treat your condition without surgery. If your gum disease is too severe, LANAP alone may not be able to treat your condition, but laser periodontal treatment can be used in conjunction with other treatments to offer great results.

Untreated gum disease can not only create oral problems but can also lead to chronic inflammation and a wide range of other health-related issues. Laser periodontal treatment is a simple, safe, and effective alternative to traditional gum surgery. When it comes to treating periodontitis, there are essentially no downsides to LANAP.

If you’re considering laser periodontal treatment in Central Florida, schedule a consultation with Ormond Beach Perio today. Dr. Stuart Beauchamp is one of the best LANAP specialists in the area. We do everything we can to provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for our patients.

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