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Need an Ormond Beach Periodontist? 3 Questions To Ask

A referral from your primary care dentist or a Google search for “Periodontist near me” are some of the more common ways to find a periodontist, but it’s always hard to know if a provider will be the right fit for you. Periodontal treatment can be a large investment, so it’s critical to see a provider who meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable throughout the duration of your treatment.

If you think you’ve found the right periodontist, it never hurts to conduct a short interview. During your discussion, make sure to assess how the practice prioritizes patient comfort as well as their approaches to treatment. If you get stuck, here are three questions you should always ask a periodontist prior to seeking treatment.

What Options Are Available For Pain Management?

Just the thought of periodontal treatment is enough to make some patients nervous, so it’s no surprise pain management is a major item of concern. Some periodontal treatments can be uncomfortable, so you’ll want to ask any potential provider about how they manage pain during procedures. While all periodontists are capable of administering local anesthesia, it might be worth asking about options for sedation, especially if you’re getting a major procedure or suffer from dental anxiety. Some common sedation options include:

  • Nitrous Oxide – Often referred to as “laughing gas”, this sedation treatment relieves anxiety and reduces pain while patients remain awake through the process.
  • Oral Sedation – Oral medication is administered prior to the appointment. When you arrive at the office, you feel relaxed but alert (however, you will need to arrange transportation to and from the appointment).
  • IV Sedation – This form of sedation is administered when pain needs to be relieved quickly or when medication levels need to be adjusted during the procedure. This type of sedation allows you to remain awake, but will also require you to arrange transportation.
  • General Anesthesia – For patients with extreme dental anxiety or severe cases of periodontitis, general anesthesia may be an option. A combination of medications will be administered intravenously, and you’ll be placed in a sleep-like state for the duration of the procedure. 

Does Your Office Use The Latest Technology?

Dental technology continues to evolve and providers have more tools available to treat oral health problems than ever before. Technology can help improve diagnoses, ensure positive patient outcomes, and minimize pain and discomfort. 

For example, if you have severe periodontitis and want to minimize pain and recovery associated with treatment, search for a provider who offers laser periodontal treatment. This procedure is proven to treat gum disease without incisions and pain associated with traditional gum flap surgery.

It’s also worth asking about the tools your provider uses for diagnostics and imaging. Some periodontists offer CT scans and 3D imaging in-house, which allows them to quickly diagnose an issue without sending you to a lab or outpatient center. 

What Are Your Credentials?

While all periodontists are required to complete the same education (earning a DDS or DMD degree from an accredited dental school and several years of specialized training), not all periodontists have the same experience. Ask about your potential provider’s education, training, and years of practice.  You can also check out online reviews or ask the provider’s previous patients for a testimonial.  Look for a provider who graduated from a good undergraduate university and a reputable dental school, and who also has several years of experience under their belt.

If you’re seeking treatment for gum disease or planning to invest in a large procedure like dental implants, it’s so important to choose the right periodontist for your care. Knowing what questions to ask ahead of time can help you better gauge a provider’s skills and experience.

Why Ormond Beach Periodontics Is The Right Choice For You

If you’re in need of a reputable periodontist in the Ormond Beach area, Ormond Beach Periodontics is an excellent choice. Here are three reasons why patients all over Central Florida choose us for care:

  • We Make Sure Our Patients Are Comfortable – We do everything we can to ensure our patients are comfortable while they’re in our office. We offer a wide range of pain management options including local anesthesia, sedation dentistry, and general anesthesia. 
  • We Invest In Technology – We always invest in the latest dental technology to ensure our patients have access to the very best treatment and care. From laser periodontal treatment (LANAP) to high quality CT and digital x-ray equipment, we have everything needed to make your treatment a success.
  • We Have Experience – Our office is led by Dr. Stuart Beauchamp who has been practicing for several years. Dr. Beauchamp graduated from the Dental College of Georgia with a DMD and a certificate in periodontics.

By knowing what to look for in a periodontist, you can be prepared to select the very best. However, you don’t need to do a “periodontist near me” Google search to find the right option. Call us at Ormond Beach Periodontics today.

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