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Need a Periodontist in Daytona Beach? Here Are 3 Ways Dr. Beauchamp Simplifies Dental Implants

While dental implants are a life-changing procedure, having them placed can be a lengthy process. Dental implants often involve a series of appointments that take place over several months. Because implants can be a time commitment, some people put them off or choose less effective replacement options that end up causing additional problems down the line.

Dental implants are usually the best option, especially when it comes to restoring oral function and improving your long-term oral health. The good news is dental professionals are placing implants with greater speed and efficiency all the time. If you need a periodontist in the Daytona Beach area, a “dental implants near me” search will lead to dozens of results; however, not all periodontists have the experience of Dr. Beauchamp.

Dr. Beauchamp has simplified the dental implant process to make things as easy and comfortable for patients. Here are three ways he makes the process easier:

1. We Make Patient Comfort Priority Number One

The thought of getting dental implants can make many patients uneasy. Some are concerned about pain and discomfort, while others are put off by the invasive nature of the procedure. Dr. Beauchamp does everything possible to make the process of placing dental implants as pleasant as possible.

  • We Help Educate – A lot of fear is driven by the unknown, so it’s our goal to provide as much knowledge as possible about the dental implant process. Dr. Beauchamp takes the time to explain every step of the procedure and teaches you everything you need to know about oral health in general. By taking the time to talk and teach our patients, we help to relieve a lot of anxiety.
  • Our Friendly Atmosphere – The entire staff at Ormond Beach Periodontics is dedicated to making you feel at home while you’re in our office. We’re pleasant, and we take the time to get to know our patients. Our personable office experience makes patients feel more comfortable.
  • Our Serene Patient Rooms
    We put a lot of time into our patient rooms, so they don’t resemble a typical dentist’s office exam room. Bright natural light, comfortable leather seats, floor-to-ceiling windows, and views of our outdoor garden — our patient rooms were designed specifically to create a serene, comfortable environment that will help you feel at ease as soon as you sit down.

2. We Offer Sedation Dentistry Solutions

A comfortable and relaxing atmosphere isn’t always enough to ease the nerves of some patients, so we also offer a number of sedation dentistry options that help patients through each appointment. Sedation dentistry can be administered orally or through an IV, and it will allow you to enter a “twilight sleep”. You’ll remain conscious, but you’ll feel very relaxed and probably won’t remember the procedure. When used in combination with local anesthetics, you really shouldn’t experience any pain or discomfort during the procedure. However, you will need to arrange transportation home.

Sedation dentistry can help to simplify the dental implant experience by eliminating any nervousness and anxiety surrounding the process.

3. We Do All Imaging In House

To place dental implants with precision, we need to be able to run imaging tests to gain a comprehensive view of your jaw. Therefore, we simplify the dental implant process by performing all imaging in-house. We can quickly get a full view of your entire oral health through digital X-rays, CT scans, and other imaging tools. The best part is you don’t have to leave the office. Our ability to do all imaging in-house means we can move quickly and create the right treatment plan for you.

Dr. Beauchamp Also Offers Teeth In One Day Services

If you are interested in simplified dental implants, ask Dr. Beauchamp about Teeth In One Day. While dental implants usually take several months, some candidates may qualify for this expedited implant treatment. Teeth In One Day is usually suited for patients who need a full upper or lower set of replacements. It involves creating a permanent prosthesis by using 4 to 6 implants which serve as an anchor for a bridge. Then, temporary crowns are placed on top of the anchors. The entire procedure can be done in a single day; however, you’ll need to return to the office to have permanent crowns placed and to ensure everything is healing appropriately.

Not all periodontists offer this simplified dental implant method, so be sure to ask Dr. Beauchamp if you qualify.

If you’re suffering from tooth loss, delaying treatment can lead to oral health problems down the line. Contact Ormond Beach Periodontics for simplified dental implants today.

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