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Major Benefits Of Dental Implants

In decades gone by, there were few viable options for tooth restoration after you’d lost one or more teeth. You basically had removable dentures when many teeth had been lost and dental bridges when only one or two were missing and that was it.
But today, dental implants offer a solution that had only been dreamed about in the past. Maybe you’ve only heard about dental implants but aren’t yet sure about their specific benefits – if so, here is some help!

1. Dental Implants Are A Permanent Solution
In most cases, modern dental implants last for decades – even for a lifetime. That eliminates the need to get your dentures refitted every few years and gives you a sense of closure immediately after your implant surgery is complete.

Overall, implant installation procedures have a 99% success rate – 98% with same-day implants, and even in the rare case that something goes wrong, there are ready at hand techniques that can correct the problem.

2. Implants Are Sturdy Like “Real” Teeth
The second most obvious benefit of implants aside from being a long term solution is that they give you a firm, sturdy bite just like “real” teeth. The titanium rods of the implants fuse directly to the bone mass just below your gums.

Some are placed within a socket drilled into the bone (endosteal implants), while others rest on top of the bone mass (subperiosteal implants.) But either way, the important thing is that the metal fuses safely and firmly so you don’t have to worry about slipping or loosening of the implant tooth.

3. Greater Comfort Than Dentures
Whether you are talking about individual dental implants or implant-supported permanent dentures, implants avoid the discomforts often associated with removable dentures.

No more painful slipping and shifting of the dentures over your gum tissue or difficulty chewing and speaking! No more sore spots caused by dentures that no longer fit perfectly!

4. A More Flexible Lifestyle
Dentures can limit your choices of foods and drinks, force you to remove them before exercising and before sleeping, and require you to spend a lot of time and money cleaning and caring for them each day.

With implants, you can eat anything you can eat with natural teeth. Your teeth do not need to be removed before vigorous physical activities (or anytime at all), and you need only care for your replacement teeth with ordinary brushing and flossing just like with your original teeth.

No more messy adhesives to deal with! And your oral health is likely to improve since dental implants are far easier to clean and care for than are dentures.

5. A More Natural Smile
The other major benefit of dental implants that we have to mention is the improved aesthetics they bring. Implants look and feel like natural teeth in your mouth.

They are capped with dental crowns that precisely mimic the color and contours of natural teeth and are customized to the exact sizes and shades of your teeth in particular. Implant-supported dentures also contain realistic-looking restoration teeth.

Today, dental implants are the most advanced and desirable way to replace missing teeth. They offer numerous important advantages over all the other options, five of which we have outlined just above.

To learn more about how implants work and why they might be the right choice for you, talk to Dr. Stuart Beauchamp of Ormond Beach Periodontics & Implant Dentistry. He can give you a free consultation to help you explore your tooth restoration options!

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