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Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene Habits Can Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is a dental health issue that develops when gum infections and inflammation infiltrate the tissues in the mouth supporting the teeth. When this occurs, those suffering from gum disease may lose some of their teeth, and may also need to have the unhealthy tissues removed from their mouth.
Is Brushing and Flossing Really Necessary?
Oftentimes, gingivitis (which is the first stage of gum disease), starts to develop in places that are difficult to floss or reach with a toothbrush. For this reason, those who desire to avoid this disease should:

  • Brush their teeth twice per day and take additional time to reach all of their teeth and the surfaces
  • Floss at least once per day and make an effort to get into those hard-to-reach areas
  • Rinse out their mouth with a mouthwash after they are done brushing and flossing
  • See their dentist on a regular basis for professional cleanings

However, even by making proper dental hygiene a priority, this disease can still develop (especially among certain groups of people). For example, people who smoke or who have a history of periodontitis in their family are more likely to suffer from gum disease. Pregnant women, people with diabetes, people who consistently clench or grind their teeth at night, and those who suffer from chronic stress are also at risk for this disease.

Laser Gum Surgery May be an Option
When people develop advanced periodontitis, having a LANAP(r) in Flagler Beach FL procedure done may be a good option. During laser gum surgery, the bacteria and other unhealthy tissues in the mouth are removed and healthier tissues are permitted to remain. This procedure often allows patients to heal quickly and experience minimal downtime, bleeding, and discomfort.

At our office, Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik is proud to offer this innovative treatment option to his patients suffering from gum disease. Contact us at 386-672-9440 to find out if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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