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Looking For Laser Periodontal Treatment In Ormond Beach?

All dentistry is local. And all periodontal care is intensely personal. Choosing your periodontist on whom you will rely for immediate needs and on an ongoing basis is a major life decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you are looking for a local periodontist in Ormond Beach, Florida, or in the surrounding communities, look no further than Ormond Beach Periodontics & Implant Dentistry! 

However, we want to take a closer look at what a good periodontist can do for you and at the importance of maintaining (or restoring) good gum health.

Who Needs Laser Periodontal Treatment?

Laser periodontal treatment is the latest cutting-edge method for treating gum disease. It utilizes up-to-date laser technology that gives it distinct advantages over more traditional methods.

You may have heard about laser periodontal treatment (laser gum surgery) and decided to look for a periodontist who offers it. Not all periodontists are skilled and equipped to perform laser gum treatment – Ormond Beach Periodontics is!

Who needs laser gum surgery? Just about anyone with periodontal disease (gum disease) is a good candidate. Laser treatment is usually, but by no means always, reserved for relatively serious instances of gum disease. It is highly effective and may cost the same or less than other ways of treating periodontitis or advanced periodontitis.

You should schedule an appointment with a reliable, local periodontist to find out if you need periodontal treatment, and if so, whether or not laser periodontal treatment would be right for you.

What Are The Major Advantages Of Laser Gum Treatment?

The ravages of gum disease, even in its initial phases (gingivitis and pre-gingivitis) are enough to motivate anyone to seek a local periodontist for help. While some may fear the dental chair – there is much more to fear if you do nothing and let gum disease run its destructive course unhindered!

Laser periodontal treatment can stop gum disease in its tracks, reverse much of the damage, and pave the way for healing and restoration in the future. Here’s how it works:

  • A hand-held laser tool (LANAP laser usually) with several settings is used to kill harmful bacteria and eliminate infected gum tissue.
  • You normally need no anesthetic since laser gum surgery is almost painless – some prefer, however, to use oral sedation.
  • Reshaping of the gums via lasers, gum grafts, bone grafts, or other additional procedures may be needed for some patients. These can often be done same-day as the laser gum treatment itself.
  • Your smile and gums will look as good as new post-op in many cases. You will not have to go months and months with gum bandages on or the like as with some other periodontal treatment options.
  • Most people can return to work or their daily routine within 24 to 48 hours of completing the surgery. Full healing takes longer but is much quicker than with other methods like root planing and scaling, for example.

Here are the five major advantages to be gained by undergoing laser gum treatment:

  1. It eradicates harmful bacteria that cause gum disease more efficiently than any other treatment method.
  2. The lasers used offer pinpoint accuracy. They can eliminate infected gum tissue while leaving adjacent healthy tissue untouched.
  3. Laser treatment is faster and more convenient. It’s easier to schedule since it can usually be completed in one dental sitting.
  4. With laser surgery, there is far less bleeding of the gums, inflammation, soreness, and pain than with other methods.
  5. Recovery is faster and easier with laser periodontal treatment.

What Should I Expect Out Of My Local Periodontist?

For one thing, you want a local periodontist who is able to offer the latest treatment methods for gum disease – including laser periodontal treatment. It may be that that is your immediate need and concern. But it pays to also think further ahead and more broadly.

Here are some additional factors to keep in mind as you search for a permanent family periodontist in the Ormond Beach area:

  • Location. You may need to go to your periodontist often enough that finding someone local and conveniently situated is a factor.
  • Experience. Don’t trust your gums to a novice. Look for a local periodontist with many years of experience and a good track record (as well as educational credentials.)
  • Services. Look for a periodontist who offers across-the-board periodontal services for the whole family. This is who you will see for any and all periodontal problems down the road.
  • Facilities. Expect a clean, inviting office with up-to-date equipment. You want a relaxing environment.
  • Scheduling. Ask about scheduling policies. Be sure you will be able to schedule all appointments, including emergency services, in a way that works for you.
  • Customer service. Finally, take note of how you were treated as a patient and as a customer. Friendliness, good communication, and efficiency are key.

To learn more about laser periodontal surgery and other gum treatment options, or to schedule an appointment, contact Ormond Beach & Implant Dentistry in Ormond Beach, FL, today!

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