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Less Pain And Better Outcomes With Laser Periodontal Treatment

For advanced periodontal disease, and even in less advanced cases for various reasons, it is becoming more and more routine for periodontal patients to opt for laser periodontal treatment over more “traditional” options.
While there are numerous advantages to laser surgery over other methods, we can group most of them under two general heads: less pain and better outcomes.

Laser Periodontal Surgery Is Less Painful
With modern LANAP laser treatment, no scalpels or other cutting tools and no stitches need be used on you gums to treat and heal them. That alone means a greatly reduced pain threshold. But in fact, laser periodontal treatment goes further – it is virtually pain-free, with patients normally experiencing nothing more than a mildly warm sensation on their gums during the procedure.

There is very minimal bleeding involved with laser treatment, much less than is typical with the alternative gum disease treatment options. And that applies to both during the treatment and afterwards.

Additionally, laser surgery means a much lowered risk of gum inflammations following treatment. And because there are no cuts that have to be made and because harmful bacteria are so effectively eradicated by the laser, there is very little chance of any post-op infection taking place.

Laser Periodontal Treatment Is More Effective
Laser periodontal treatments utilize a “smart” laser that can distinguish between healthy and unhealthy gum tissues. This technology enables LANAP trained periodontists to remove your infected gum tissue (including deep bacterial pockets) without removing your good gum tissue.

Extremely little healthy tissue is lost with laser periodontal treatment – much less than with other treatments. Plus, the laser stimulates the growth of new gum tissue, which is something no other method can boast.

No other method destroys bacteria, both on your gums and on your tooth roots, as effectively as does laser treatment.

LANAP treatment greatly reduces root exposure and tooth sensitivity. And it can sometimes help save teeth that would be impossible to save without it.

LANAP lasers are designed to seek out and destroy infected periodontal tissue, and they are also used to seal the tissue afterwards. That’s why there is almost no bleeding with this type of surgery and why the recovery time is so short.

What About The Cost? Is Laser Periodontal Treatment Affordable?
Given that laser periodontal treatment offers numerous benefits, reducing pain and discomfort, speeding up recovery time, and giving you optimal results as to gum health going forward, you may still be wondering about the price tag.

While laser treatment can cost more than other treatment methods upfront, it also requires fewer follow up visits and less time in the dental chair for the visits you do have. The overall cost is often about the same.

You will also be able to return to full time work sooner after laser periodontal surgery, which helps defer the actual total costs. Your dental and/or health insurance may or may not cover laser periodontal treatment; but if it does, that reduces the price that much further.

And your periodontist will also be willing to work with you on a workable, affordable payment plan, if necessary.

To learn more about laser periodontal treatment and whether it is right for you, of to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik in Ormond Beach, FL, today!

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