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Laser Treatment for Gum Disease: the Pros, Cons, and Details

Treating gum disease as quickly and effectively as possible is essential in order to reduce further complications. However, depending on the severity of the gum disease, surgical treatment options can range from uncomfortable to painful. As a result, it’s natural for many patients to be nervous or even put off seeking treatment for gum disease altogether due to the thought of having to endure painful surgery.

For patients concerned about gum disease surgery, there exists another option. Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is not only a highly effective treatment option for gum disease, it’s also much less invasive and less painful, which also means a shorter recovery time. Licensed periodontists can turn to LANAP to effectively treat moderate to severe cases of gum disease. 

Curious if LANAP is right for you? Below we’ll review some of the pros and cons associated with this innovative procedure to help you decide if you’d like to explore treatment.

What is Laser Periodontal Treatment?

Laser periodontal treatment is a procedure in which a very strong, but tiny laser is used to remove inflamed tissue. Lasers are capable of distinguishing between healthy and diseased tissue because the diseased tissue is generally darker. Therefore, the laser can easily eliminate infected gums with a high level of precision. It also helps to sterilize the area, which can prevent future gum disease or infection. After the laser is applied to the infected gums, healthy gum tissue can regenerate in many cases, which ultimately improves gum stability and prevents tooth loss.

The procedure is fairly quick and can be completed in as little as one or two office visits.

Laser Periodontal Treatment Pros

LANAP offers several benefits over traditional gum disease surgery, which is why many patients turn to this procedure as an alternative. Some of the pros of laser periodontal treatment include:

  • It’s Effective – LANAP is highly effective at treating moderate to severe cases of gum disease. It’s also highly accurate at targeting infected tissue. As a result, LANAP leaves your healthy gums intact, which significantly reduces the chance of tooth loss. In very severe cases, LANAP may be combined with other treatment options.
  • Less Pain – Because laser treatments are less invasive than gum flap surgery, you can expect significantly less pain. While you may experience some minor discomfort during the procedure, your periodontist may administer a local anesthetic to help manage it.
  • Shorter Recovery – Recovery from gum flap surgery can last two to four weeks. Since LANAP doesn’t require an incision, you can expect to be back to normal within a few days. A shorter recovery time also helps reduce the chance of infection post-surgery.
  • It Won’t Impact Your Bite Or Smile – Because there are no incisions, you won’t have to deal with sutures or bleeding after laser treatment, so there won’t be any impact on your bite or smile. You’ll be back to feeling like yourself in no time.

Laser Periodontal Treatment Cons

There could be certain instances where LANAP isn’t the right choice for treating your gum disease. While most patients qualify for the procedure, your periodontist may recommend a different treatment option. Below are some of the drawbacks associated with laser periodontal treatment.

  • Some Cases May Be Too Severe – LANAP may not be the right form of treatment if you’re experiencing a highly severe case of gum disease. If this is the case, your periodontist may recommend a surgical procedure or use LANAP in conjunction with a different treatment option.
  • Not All Periodontists Offer It – Not all periodontists provide LANAP treatment because this procedure requires additional certifications and training. Therefore, you may have to search around for a provider.
  • It Can Be Expensive – Laser periodontal treatment can be expensive when paying out of pocket. Luckily, many insurance policies cover all or a portion of the costs. If your insurance company doesn’t cover the procedure, you might be able to work with your periodontist on a payment plan.

Overall, laser periodontal treatment is a highly effective way to treat gum disease while reducing pain and bleeding, and shortening recovery time. Most patients do qualify for LANAP, so if you’re interested, it’s worth a discussion with your periodontist.

If you’re seeking laser periodontal treatment in Central Florida, schedule your consultation at Ormond Beach Perio. Dr. Stuart Beauchamp is one of the area’s top LANAP certified periodontists, and our team can get you on the path to gum disease recovery today.

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