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Laser Periodontal Treatment Is Minimally Invasive But Maximally Beneficial

There are many different options for treating gum disease, but for moderate to severe cases, laser periodontal treatment is easily the most desirable treatment available today. Laser treatment is the most minimally invasive option when it comes to treating periodontal problems, and that alone is a huge benefit. But the truth is, there are numerous other benefits as well.
How Does Laser Periodontal Treatment Work?
Laser periodontal surgery is done with the help of a special “wavelength” handheld laser tool that many periodontists are trained to use. This laser has various settings that allows the surgeon to increase or decrease the intensity as he or she encounters different types of tissue, and to accommodate different tasks, like cutting, sealing, or removal of calculus from tooth roots.

Laser therapy allows the periodontist to remove all diseased gum tissue without hurting your healthy tissue. Deep periodontal pockets are done away with, and bacteria residing in and on your gums are eradicated.

The operation is virtually painless, and the healing time is short and uncomplicated. Laser treatment has truly revolutionized how gum disease is dealt with in modern dentistry.

Immediate Benefits of Laser Periodontal Treatment
The first thing you’ll notice about laser gum treatment is that it is minimally invasive- in the sense that no scalpels or other metal hand tools are used to cut away infected gum tissue.

Technically, there is no cutting at all, but the laser actually “disintegrates” infected tissue. The only exception might be if a very large section of tissue were badly infected and had to be cut off with the laser instead of “vaporized.”

Next, there is little to no healthy gum tissue lost during the operation, which is miles different than what happens with traditional gum surgery techniques.

Also, even without a local anesthetic, this treatment if virtually pain free. If you tend to get nervous in the dental chair, you might opt for dental sedation – but it’s not strictly necessary. There is very little bleeding and swelling and pain as compared to other types of gum disease treatment.

Finally, the aesthetic advantage of laser treatment is also immediately noticeable. With traditional approaches, deep bacterial pockets require gums to be cut back and can lead to an unsightly smile (at least temporarily.) But laser surgery can normally avoid these negative cosmetic problems.

Longer Term Benefits of Laser Periodontal Treatment
But there are post-surgical benefits to laser gum surgery as well. First of all, recovery usually only takes 24 hours. And there is very little discomfort during recovery anyway. Most people don’t even miss a day of work while their gums are healing.

Second, laser treatment requires fewer dental sessions. The surgery only takes a couple hours, and you’ll have two sessions and two follow up sessions at most. That may sound like a lot, but consider that traditional periodontal treatment takes twice or more the number of appointments. That’s going to save you time going forward.

Third, laser surgery has a much lower risk of re-infection post-op. That’s because the laser not only better targets and removes bacteria and infected tissues – it also sterilizes and seals your gums, which helps speed up the healing process and reduce the chances of an infection.

Fourth and finally, laser periodontal treatment actually stimulates your gums to regenerate themselves.

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