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Implant-Supported Dentures In A Day

The Teeth In One Day program offered by periodontist Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik at his Ormond Beach, Florida, dental office, can not only help you restore individual lost teeth in a single sitting – but it can also be used to give you a full set of teeth in the form of implant-supported permanent dentures.
While same day implants and/or dentures aren’t a viable option for everyone, for many, they are the best and most convenient solution. Talk to Dr. Kenzik to find out if Teeth In One Day is right for you.

Teeth In One Day Compared To Regular Dental Implant Surgery
Modern titanium dental implant roots are designed to firmly fuse to your underlying jawbone and, when capped with quality dental crowns, to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. When enough teeth have been lost, however, it may be best to affix permanent dentures to the implant roots rather than crowns.

For the most part, same day implants or dentures work the same way as the more usual, longer process. Success rates are about the same, with regular implants 99% successful and their same-day counterparts at around 98%. Both result in a solution that lasts for decades or a life time, and both offer all the same basic benefits, like avoiding damage to the gums and alveolar ridge due to traditional dentures moving in the mouth, easier oral care, better ability to speak and chew like with natural teeth, and an aesthetically pleasing smile.

But here are some ways in which Teeth In One Day differs:

  • Placement of implants in about 2 to 3 hours per arch in a single day versus a months-long process with several steps and dental visits.
  • Implant-supported dentures normally get 4 supporting implant rods per arch when done same day, versus 6 to 8 when done over a longer period of time.
  • Implants are often placed at a slight angle with same-day, to increase the contact region between bone and implant root.
  • Same-day placement will generally not involve bone grafting or gum grafting. It such are needed, then you probably aren’t a good candidate for Teeth In One Day.
  • 3D scanning machines and rapid-pace dental lab work can get your permanent dentures ready fast. And the whole procedure is also mapped out with modern software and performed immediately following by a trained implant surgeon.

When To Stick With Traditional Implant Surgery
Those whose jawbone is too thin or worn down where the implants need to go or who are suffering from significant periodontal disease will need to get implants via the slower process to ensure they are successful.

Also, if you suffer from bruxism (chronic teeth grinding or clenching), you should avoid immediate load dental implants and/or dentures.

If you need to have several tooth extractions and need to get implants and implant-supported dentures for both arches, you will probably want to space out the procedures to at least 2 dental appointments, but can otherwise qualify for same-day implants.

Permanent dentures supported by implant rods are far superior to other denture options. But deciding whether or not to opt for getting your new teeth in a single day or over the course of a few weeks or months requires a dental examination. Contact Dr. Raymond A. Kenzik today to schedule an initial consultation or to get your implant-related questions answered over-the-phone.

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